Junior Sables confident ahead of U20s Canada Conference

The Junior Sables were crowned African champions in April following an upset 19-14 win over Namibia in the final of the Rugby Africa Under-20 Barthes Trophy in Kenya. The memorable victory in Kenya earned them an invitation to compete against hosts Canada, Uruguay and Chile in the U20s Canada Conference 2022, which is being organised by Rugby Canada in partnership with World Rugby.

By The Standard Aug. 7, 2022
N-One readies for third album
N-One readies for third album

The Uzumba born musician last dropped an album in 2019 but it did not perform as expected due to Covid-19 restrictions.

By The Standard Jul. 3, 2022
Who was the real Elvis Presley?

Hanks’s Parker is a savvy businessman who, alongside Sam Phillips (Josh McConville) of Sun Records, sees in Elvis a musician who can bring rock ‘n’ roll, a sound developing in black underground clubs, to the mainstream US.

By The Standard Jul. 3, 2022
Malawi’s unending fight against mega-buck graft

Muluzi’s trial is not the only high-profile case that successive Malawian governments are failing to deal with conclusively amid allegations of cronyism, a compromised judiciary and weakened public anti-graft systems.

By The Standard Jul. 3, 2022
Health talk: Power outages significantly impede health service delivery

Universal health coverage is desired and the outcome is better attainment of health deliverables like increased life expectancy, reduced patient mortality which includes maternal mortality, neonatal mortality, incidence and prevalence of specific diseases.

By The Standard Jul. 3, 2022
Nkayi villagers plead for a return of NGO’s

Fanuel Mpofu, the councillor for the area, said villagers were starving after their crops failed because of the poor rains last season.“Our crops were affected by poor rains,” Mpofu said.

By The Standard Jun. 26, 2022
Ebony Sheikh founder ties knot after 35 years

Phahlane said in his album released in 2021, one of the tracks was dedicated to his long time “heartthrob”

By The Standard Jun. 26, 2022
The Fiddler: Fiddlerphobia

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal and a bottle of wine they lay down for the night and went to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend.

By The Standard Jun. 26, 2022
Matching outfits revolutionise lobola ceremonies

“There is a new approach to lobola ceremonies these days, a lot has changed, set up and gatherers,” Mutandida said.

By The Standard Jun. 19, 2022
Child marriages prevail despite laws

When she left, Kadzongwe, who was doing Form 1, was excited to experience new adventures, apparently a better life at her aunt’s home whose husband was regarded better off in their community.

By The Standard Jun. 19, 2022
SiMAFEST preps reaches advanced stages

SiMAFEST is a three day arts cultural competition based festival comprising of a beauty pageant (Miss SiMAFEST), live bands, dance groups and spoken word.

By The Standard Jun. 12, 2022
Gateway Streams Music ReDefines live shows

Dubbed ReDefined, the show will pit two rivals  Winky D and Jah Prayzah at the giant HICC. Their rivalry is one which has been spoken of and widely documented by the media, but one which was never acknowledged by both artists’ camps.

By The Standard Jun. 12, 2022
State witness exposed for fraudulently approving Katsimberis building plan

The court also heard that Nyabvure was discharged from work after that debacle on October 1, 2019.

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2022
Zanu PF will not write the judgement in this court: prosecutor told Biti 

Biti said this in his application for referral to the Constitutional Court saying his rights were violated.

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2022
Corruption watch: The Pomona culprits must face the music

We are talking about the Pomona waste management deal. As you all know, the Pomona dumpsite is situated on land that belongs to the Harare City Council. It belongs to the Harare City Council.

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2022

Rhinos FC coach Herbert Maruwa said after the game  that he was not in a position to comment on the issue as the matter was purely administrative.

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2022
Warrant of arrest issued for illegal billboard erector

Paragon Printing director Mark Strathen failed to appear before magistrate Shane Kubonera yesterday.

By The Standard May. 30, 2022
Mathias Mhere gives praise to the Lord

GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere last  Wednesday launched his 10th album titled Thanksgiving in Harare which he said was a way of thanking God for grace and success.

By The Standard May. 22, 2022
Travelling & touring: Wither Nambya community museum?

The majority of Nambya clansmen are found in northwestern Zimbabwe, especially in and around the coal mining town of Hwange where they settled following their migration from Masvingo around the 17th century following infighting within the Rozvi dynasty.

By The Standard May. 22, 2022
Monotony killing sungura: Mono Mukundu

“I have got one grievance with Sungura music, the majority of the artists are copying Alick Macheso and that’s killing the genre. Sungura styles and sound is diverse, John Chibadura, Leonard Dembo, Pengaudzoke all had different sounds but it was all sungura. We can’t have modern day artists using the same bass and sound which is synonymous with Macheso.

By The Standard May. 22, 2022
Platinum compound CAPS United woes

FC Platinum started the encounter on a sizzling note, dominating in all aspects as Caps United decided to sit deep, absorbing the intense pressure, with Marshal Machazane and Jimmy Dzingai doing well to keep the miners at bay.

By The Standard May. 8, 2022
Miners binge on mineral by-product taxes

By-products from platinum processing include palladium, rhodium and gold, which are all in huge demand on the international markets.

By The Standard May. 1, 2022
It’s never too late to chase your dreams – Chidzivo

Interestingly Chidzivo’s dream as a young girl was to grow up and become a doctor so that she can look after her mother and also make her proud.

By The Standard May. 1, 2022
Private medical players converge for indaba

Medical players including doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, scientists and dentists, among others took the opportunity to network, share knowledge and resources and got inspired during the two day conference that was held under the theme Sustainability and Welfare Health Care Providers in this Changing Environment.

By The Standard May. 1, 2022
Artistes condemn “Operation Dudula’s” xenophobic attack

Musicians and other stakeholders have expressed anger at the episodic and outrageously disturbing xenophobia that has once again reared its ugly head in neighbouring South Africa.

By The Standard Apr. 24, 2022
Mkhululi Bhebhe relives debut solo act

After leaving Joyous Celebration Choir, Bhebhe performed his debut solo act in Bulawayo where he launched his album at the ZITF dubbed The Ultimate Praise Experience on December 15.

By The Standard Apr. 17, 2022
Fashion show explores local tribal groups

The project spearheaded by Gilmore Tee of  Paper Bag Africa will see 10-16 young designers being selected and assigned to one of the 16 Zimbabwean tribal groups, to research on its practices, norms, fashion, arts, craft. The information will be used to create two contemporary looks inspired by what they would have individually gathered through primary research.

By The Standard Apr. 17, 2022
Grace tidings: The power of words: Watch what you say or hear

We use God’s reproving message to Israel through the prophets against the church instead of lifting the church and showing believers what they are in Christ so that they can become an overcoming body.

By The Standard Mar. 13, 2022