Raising a child riding a bike

Many parents may well have gone through one of the toughest and scariest experiences in their life, along the lines described above; teaching our own child to drive can be a haunting experience!
By Tim Middleton Sep. 24, 2023
Parents as pianists
Parents as pianists
We may take the analogy further and consider that moving from becoming to being a parent will require a similar journey as someone moving to being a pianist.
By Tim Middleton Sep. 17, 2023
Incentive for initiative
People have been tired of the potholes in their roads and have taken to repairing them themselves, as those whose responsibility it is to look after the roads do not do so
By Tim Middleton Sep. 10, 2023
Just ask
We are encouraged to ask, if we want to show initiative. Asking questions, after all, creates openings.
By Tim Middleton Sep. 3, 2023
In it to win it
When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out, try to get him out, and when he is out, he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in.
By Tim Middleton Aug. 27, 2023
The only failure
Henry Ford was more specific saying "There is no failure except the failure to serve one's purpose.
By Tim Middleton Aug. 20, 2023
Education: Siniority
The main problem with ‘seniority’ is that it is usually based on, and therefore confused with, superiority.
By Tim Middleton Aug. 13, 2023
The parable of eating out
Hard times fell on that city, making it hard for the patrons to continue to eat out but they did not want to forgo coming to that restaurant.
By Tim Middleton Aug. 6, 2023
The commonwealth in education
Parents must understand that each school is part of a bigger commonwealth and part of a bigger picture than simply that school.
By Tim Middleton Jul. 30, 2023
It is well!
The story of Horatio Spafford is an intriguing, inspiring and instructive one.
By Tim Middleton Jul. 23, 2023
I dig it all
Modern commentators have thus divided mankind into various categories, in relation to their approach to the advance of technology.
By Tim Middleton Jul. 16, 2023
See you in six years
Too many parents have passed the buck to schools to educate their child in areas that they should be doing, not least in life skills.
By Tim Middleton Jul. 2, 2023
How long is a piece of string?
The means of measurement may not take into consideration other important factors. Determining a school’s status on results is equally flawed.
By Tim Middleton Jun. 25, 2023
Open doors
Our modern world is too interested in the froth, the superficial, personality, and not in the truth, the substance, character.
By Tim Middleton Jun. 18, 2023
All the world’s a stage
It is not just the sports field that is a stage, but the home, the school, the workplace, the marketplace, the business world, the whole world.
By Tim Middleton Jun. 11, 2023
What every parent wants
We are not too worried if other people’s children do not have the best teacher, as long as our child has the best!
By Tim Middleton Jun. 4, 2023
Well, wells, welles
One hundred years later, who then is winning this race? Has civilisation advanced? How close to a catastrophe are we? Is education succeeding in this war of the world?
By Tim Middleton May. 28, 2023
A thing with thons
With great creativity, we now have Cyclathons, Readathons as well as Primary Spellathons, Singathons — there are ‘-thons’ sprouting out everywhere!   
By Tim Middleton May. 21, 2023
That’s not difficult
There is only one small problem with that, though. There are no difficult pupils or difficult classes!
By Tim Middleton May. 14, 2023
Vive La difference.
If we are going to do that, then education is going to have to be different from what it is now and what it has been.
By Tim Middleton May. 7, 2023
Keeping education shipshape
It might be an interesting diversion to consider what type of ship would serve as the best analogy for education.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 30, 2023
A positive position
It is what sells newspapers (bad news) and maybe it is motivated by the idea of “Do to others before they do it to you”.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 23, 2023
Fruit flies like a banana
Teachers are not fitting parts on to a new car; they are feeding youngsters with the ingredients to enable them to grow and to bear fruit.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 9, 2023
Fruity lessons
Some may be more popular but that does not make them the best. Different fruits grow in different climates and conditions. Fruit does not appear overnight.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 2, 2023
I’ll give you what for!
The school requires the children to play sport and be involved in cultural activities and the child retorts “What for?”
By Tim Middleton Mar. 26, 2023
The flaw of averages
We may well not have given much thought to any of the above before — and may well not give any thought to them in the future either!
By Tim Middleton Mar. 19, 2023
Runners and rudders
Similarly, consultation days and presentation evenings give them even more opportunities to know what is happening at this school.
By Tim Middleton Mar. 12, 2023
Community trailblazers: Chiviya penning Biblical millionaire book
Writing about a personal trailblazing journey on how one became a millionaire is not so common.
By Albert Masaka Mar. 5, 2023