How to fight a good fight of faith

Hindrances to faith exist because of a lack of knowledge of God’s Word. Romans 10:17 states, “... faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
By Doug Mamvura Jun. 16, 2024
GraceTidings: Walking with your Father
GraceTidings: Walking with your Father
I like to do that. I like to get on my knees and repeat those words of Paul, “I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
By Doug Mamvura May. 26, 2024
Sunday Word: The church, God's statutes and paganism
The early deviant Christianity was exacerbated by its incorporation into the Roman Empire at the beginning of the 4th century, through the efforts of Roman Emperors
By Prosper Tingini May. 26, 2024
DivineInsight: Can a christian be possessed by a demon?
But as for   a Christian, a born-again Christian, a demon cannot  possess their spirit.
By Humphrey Mtandwa May. 26, 2024
Business Opinion: Nexus between financial budgeting and entrepreneurship
Budgets provide a benchmark against which the entrepreneur can use to objectively assess the progress towards accomplishing their vision
Hebrew scriptures: Not in God’s name
Islam has long been associated with violence, and savagery was usually
By Rabbi Yitzhak Zweig May. 19, 2024
Divine insight: Mystery of expectation
Expectation is the birthing place for the miracles.
By Humphrey Mtandwa May. 19, 2024
Grace tidings: Have you changed your identity card?
There is a third part, and according to this scripture, by process of elimination, it has to be the part of us that is changed, our spirit man.
By Doug Mamvura May. 19, 2024
Sunday word: Priests are under God’s scrutiny
Our priests should lead an exemplary life, leading people from the front in terms of morality and other factors of personal integrity.
By Prosper Tingini May. 19, 2024
Hebrew scriptures: The Dalai Lama and the Exodus
The Israelites had not yet left Egypt, and yet already Moses was telling them how to tell the story. Why this obsession with storytelling?
By Benjamin Leon May. 5, 2024
Sunday word: The God of deliverance
Exodus story underscores the importance of faith and obedience in experiencing God’s deliverance.
By Prosper Tingini May. 5, 2024
Grace tidings: Hypocrites love praying
 Jesus taught that there is right and wrong praying.
By Doug Mamvura May. 5, 2024
Divine insight: Stand up for your dream
Every person who has made an impact in this world went through something that qualified them to sit in that position they are in or they were in.
By Humphrey Mtandwa May. 5, 2024
Grace tidings: Beware of your thoughts
Legally, God has already done everything He needs to do to provide our redemption.
By Doug Mamvura Apr. 28, 2024
Jews and food: The passover connection
Eating most powerfully gives us the opportunity to feel a direct connection with God.
By Dina Coopersmith Apr. 28, 2024
Sunday word: The sacred significance of names: A biblical exploration
Throughout scripture, we encounter instances where names are changed, signaling profound shifts in identity and destiny.
By Prosper Tingini Apr. 28, 2024
Divine insight: How to have victory over the spirit of poverty
It's important to remember that demons do not inhabit the human spirit, but they do impact other human spirit through the faculties of the human body.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Apr. 28, 2024
The real story of Moses
The first we hear of Moses in the Torah is at the beginning of the book of Exodus where his birth is described in an anonymous fashion.
By Mordechai Becher Apr. 21, 2024
Sunday word: Tithing in Christianity: A biblical imperative for modern stewardship
The concept of tithing traces back to ancient civilisations, predating the Mosaic Law.
By Prosper Tingini Apr. 21, 2024
Divine insight: The art of dreaming dreams
One biblical example is Pharaoh's dream, which was not just a personal reflection but a divine revelation intended to preserve Israel and the world from famine.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Apr. 21, 2024
Grace tidings: Redeemed from the curse
While I am a firm believer in giving, it is not so that I avoid a curse from God. Curses are from the devil not from God.
By Doug Mamvura Apr. 21, 2024
Sunday Word: A new season is upon us
Every bondage that was set against against us was nullified by His death and resurrection.
By Prosper Tingini Apr. 7, 2024
Divine Insights: How to deal with generational curses
Renewing the mind is like reconditioning oneself to live the life they've been called to live in Christ Jesus.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Apr. 7, 2024
Grace Tidings: God’s loving kindness
God will never ever fail you in His love for you. God loves you based on His character not your conduct.
By Doug Mamvura Apr. 7, 2024
Hebrew Scriptures: Where is the Ark of the Covenant today?
The Ark of the Covenant—its construction and function is described in the book of Exodus 25:10-22—was a cedar box covered with gold on the inside and out.
By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld Apr. 7, 2024
DivineInsight: Easter reflections: Celebrating Jesus' life, death, and resurrection
The second part of 1 Timothy 3:16 then says, 'God was manifest in the flesh,' showing the importance of understanding his humanity.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Mar. 31, 2024
GraceTidings: The unconditional love of God and His resurrection power
The book of Ephesians is a much gentler letter, but it proclaims the same great truths.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 31, 2024
SundayWord: Tamar dressed to seduce Judah
Judah had no intention at all to sleep with any woman when he set out on his journey.
By Prosper Tingini Mar. 31, 2024