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The economic cost of Zimbabwe’s brain drain

Brain drain mostly affects skilled human resources for trade, education and trained health professionals.
By Zimcodd Dec. 11, 2022

Medical aid schemes abusing citizens

This is a betrayal to citizens who are contributing their hard earnings to medical aid schemes on a monthly basis in anticipation for health insurance cover.
By Zimcodd Mar. 5, 2023

The gender, corruption and whistleblowing nexus

In Zimbabwe, it is reported that the country loses about $1.8 Billion to corruption annually.
By Zimcodd Sep. 10, 2023

National Development Strategy 1 off the rails

The claims show that government has learned nothing from policy successes that do not fulfil intended goals and objectives.
By Zimcodd Oct. 19, 2023

Zim at risk of falling into permanent debt trap

The external PPG debt comprises bilateral debt (US$6 billion), multilateral debt (US$3.1 billion), and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) debt (US$3.6 billion).
By Zimcodd Feb. 25, 2024

Ways to keep the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) stable

History is a painful reminder of losses incurred by economic agents over the years since the nation started currency revaluations in 2006.
By Zimcodd Apr. 21, 2024

Analysis of the 2023 debt report

The PDR is published in compliance with Section 300 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and Section 36 of the Public Debt Management (PDM) Act (Chapter 22:21).
By Zimcodd Apr. 26, 2024