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Call to action to fight cholera outbreak in Zim

An outbreak in Zimbabwe also signals a recurring crisis as it comes on the heels of a devastating cholera epidemic in 2018.
By ZELA Apr. 2, 2023

Establishing women’s voice on climate change

Therefore, women must voice their concerns on climate change to represent the disenfranchised demographic.
By ZELA Oct. 1, 2023

Strengthen laws to protect Zimbabwe’s wetlands

Ironically, Zela notes the threat that human activities pose to wetlands despite this connection, a threat which has made it necessary to protect these rich patches of land at law.
By ZELA Feb. 4, 2024

Advancing conservation through legal innovation

Heralded as beacons of inclusive conservation, community conservancies empower local communities to govern and manage wildlife resources sustainably.
By ZELA May. 19, 2024

Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience

The theme on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience is particularly important given that the large tracks of land are degraded every year.
By ZELA Jun. 16, 2024