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Understanding meaning of civil partnership in new Marriages Act

This article deals with civil partnerships as introduced in the new Act.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 4, 2022

Use of family trusts for asset protection in Zimbabwe

Death has always required much more planning but it seems that it is the last thing that we really have time to deal with.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 11, 2022

How to effectively use a family trust or will

In my artilce last week, I dealt with “Use of Family trusts for asset protection in Zimbabwe” I discussed the following;
By Alex Majachani Sep. 17, 2022

Wills as tools for executing your wishes in death

What is important is always that the maker of the Will — the testator — sufficiently appreciated the act.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 25, 2022

Legal matters: Why it is important to register estates

At the death of a person, the estate is sort of frozen and cannot be dealt with without the necessary permission from the master of the High Court. 
By Alex Majachani Oct. 2, 2022

Legal matters: Important things to know when buying property

This process is called a due diligence exercise.
By Alex Majachani Oct. 9, 2022

How to be successful in debt collection

The Prescription Act has so far given what I would call the best definition of a debt.
By Alex Majachani Oct. 23, 2022

Legal matters: Discharging foreign currency denominated debts and liabilities

It is important to appreciate the import of that piece of law because its effects are widely evident.
By Alex Majachani Oct. 30, 2022

Legal matters: Liability of an entity for wrongs committed by an employee

Corporates and other legal entities can take some measures to minimise the risk arising from vicarious liability.
By Alex Majachani Nov. 6, 2022

legal matters: How to effectively run universitas

A universitas is typically an organisation that is constituted and set up through a constitution or like document.
By Alex Majachani Nov. 13, 2022