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Zim Ninja conducts key Ninjutsu Martial Arts grading


Newly-appointed Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) vice-president Shidoshi-ho Wilfred Mashaya successfully staged the Zimbabwe Bujinkan Ninjutsu Martial Arts grading last week.

The grading, which was held under the auspices of Zim Ninja Academy which belongs to Mashaya, is a positive step towards the development of the combat sport in the country.

Zim Ninja Academy is an affiliate of Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU). 

“More than 60 participants including men, women and children took part in the event which was a resounding success. The students were grading to Kyu belts which are coloured belts below Black belt,” Mashaya told NewsDay Sport.

Martial arts grading is a technical examination where students are tested on what they have learnt through training in that respective martial arts style syllabus.

The Zimbabwe Bujinkan Ninjutsu is under the authority and guidance of the European grandmaster Dai Shihan Lazarevic Predrag.

Mashaya, the 2018 Zimbabwe sportsperson of the year and regional sportsman of the year, is a holder of four black belts from different martial arts disciplines.

“I am on a mission to spread the goodness of martial arts in the country. That is why l found an academy which practises five martial arts disciplines namely Kyokushin Karate, Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Kobudo (martial arts weapons), Self Defence and Nunchaku-do.

“Martial arts comes with many benefits; these include self-defence, survival skills, physical fitness, stress management, boosting confidence and esteem, brevity, flexibility and discipline,” added Mashaya.

Mashaya also expressed delight for being elected ZKU vice-president and believes the country is awash with martial arts talent.

“I feel deeply humbled to be elected as ZKU vice-president and look forward to doing my best for the good of ZKU and its members.  l believes that there is vast talent under ZKU which needs to be groomed, nurtured and supported so as to conquer the world,” Mashaya said.

The newly-appointed ZKU executive committee is made up of president Shihan Tawanda Mufundisi, with Mashaya as deputy and Sempai Precious Garikayi as the secretary-general.

Sempai Tanaka Nyakuipa is the treasurer. The ZKU technical director position went to Shihan Sharleen Amoda.

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