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Zim politics far from noble, genuine

Opinion & Analysis
The trappings that accompany those ambitions — such as wealth and a high social status — are the icing on the cake. So, all the talk about serving the population by politicians is usually mere pretence.

SOMEONE once asked me why I never joined active politics.

I failed to find a simple straight answer because this is a complicated matter that may actually need an entire discourse.

However, chief among the reasons why I did not join politics is, most obviously, that politicians by their very nature are largely deceptive characters. Their interest in politics is driven, to a great extent, by their craving for power, as well as control of people and resources.

The trappings that accompany those ambitions — such as wealth and a high social status — are the icing on the cake. So, all the talk about serving the population by politicians is usually mere pretence.

But to achieve their dreams, the politicians need to be elected by the citizenry. Without winning the hearts and minds of the electorate, the door to those dreams of power, wealth, control and status is effectively closed.

I am convinced that in the absence of elections, the term “the people” would have never been a part of politicians or their political parties’ vocabulary, which is exactly why most of these politicians only remember their constituents (the people) just before elections.

As a matter of fact, this is why some parliamentary and council candidates withdrew their campaign donations or projects after losing the August 2023 harmonised elections. Their intentions were neither noble nor genuine because they never had “the people” at heart, but they were eying power, wealth, control and status.

This is precisely why politicians go as far as backstabbing, mudslinging, lying and even resorting to pure unadulterated brutality to gain power. Surely, if this was all about “serving the people”, why would one be involved in nasty power struggles and disdainful shenanigans?

Why would anyone need to rig elections in order to win if their only desire is to simply “uplift the lives of the citizenry’?

Let’s be honest, if two people truthfully want to help an elderly woman to carry a heavy load, why would they end up trading blows just to be the one to assist the poor old lady?

Thank God, I do not have such traits to influence me to join politics.

My interest in social justice is birthed and founded on a sincere desire for the dignity and prosperity of the people of Zimbabwe. In other words, it is impossible for me to lie, back-bite, mislead, fight or even cheat — moreso for an opportunity to “serve the people”.

I am already serving the people with my writings and in other ways. It is more honourable to serve the people this way.

The other reason why I have never been involved in active politics is that I cannot and will never be able to hero-worship or bootlick another human being.

There is only one God for me — and that is Jehovah and His son Jesus Christ who I hero-worship and bootlick. It is quite sickening whenever I listen to people sinking to great depths praising and glorifying their political leaders.

This strips people of all their dignity.

I was watching the State broadcaster the other evening, and I could feel my bile rise to my throat.

Honestly, do Zimbabweans have to thank and sing the praises of President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for every little thing? It is beyond belief and traverses boundaries of absurdity that some people see the need to exalt and evoke the name of Mnangagwa even after receiving food handouts from the government.

At times I check international news channels to see if nationals of, for instance, South Africa, the US, Britain, France, Australia, or others in the democratic world behave in such a ridiculous manner.

I have never seen or heard of, say Americans singing and dancing in exaltation of President Joe Biden following the construction of a new road passing through US neighbourhood. Neither have I heard of South Africans glorifying President Cyril Ramaphosa for a new classroom block built by the government in, say far-flung KwaZulu-Natal.

Most of us, especially our rural folk, have been forced into a Stockholm syndrome mentality, whereby they now feel indebted to their oppressors. It has, indeed, been scientifically proven that captives may end up endearing themselves to their captor, especially when the captor appears to be caring for his captives.

So, honestly how can I even wish to be a politician to be glorified by the poverty-stricken fellow citizens, while  everything will be pointing to the fact that I authored their misery?

 In fact, this is unfortunately what we are witnessing in Zimbabwe — where the poor actually support, glorify and even defend the architects and authors of their misery.

I cannot be part of this kind of politics and encourage fellow countryfolk to wise up.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate and writer. Please feel free to WhatsApp or Call: +263715667700 | +263782283975, or email: [email protected], or visit website: http://mbofanatendairuben.news.blog

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