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Mangwana evicts squatter family from farm

Local News
INFORMATION and Publicity ministry secretary Ndabaningi Mangwana

INFORMATION and Publicity ministry secretary Ndabaningi Mangwana is in the eye of a storm for reportedly evicting a family from Thonydyke Farm in Chegutu, Mashonaland West province, where he is reportedly building a mansion.

Cuthbert Chigaro (40) yesterday poured his heart out to NewsDay saying he was evicted from the farm together with his three children during the rains.

Chigaro said Mangwana first issued a verbal eviction notice which was delivered by bouncers.

“It is true that I have been evicted from where I was staying at Thorndyke Farm together with my family. I have been staying there for almost four years,” he said.

Chigaro did not explain how he came to be staying on the farm.

“Mangwana first came with bouncers and said I should move out of the farm. It was more like a threat and few days later, I was served with an eviction notice and ordered to move out within seven days. We left when it was raining,” he said.

A source who recently lost his residence to the senior government official confirmed the matter to NewsDay.

“Mangwana came with bouncers and threatened Chigaro. He is always moving around with the bouncers. A few days later, Chigaro was evicted,” the source said.

Mangwana yesterday said Chigaro was a squatter who had become arrogant and had no right to stay at the farm.

“He has no right to be there. When I evicted other squatters, I actually left him because he was not interfering with anything. He just stayed there with his family. When he bought a grader and started doing a road, he was then interfering and causing soil erosion,” Mangwana said.

“I have been at the farm since 2020. This was the time I was allocated the farm. Lawyers served him with the eviction notice. There is no issue there, he was just being arrogant.”

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