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Zhuwao speaks on cultural demands in events planning

Life & Style
Away from food and events management, Zhuwao enjoys travelling.


CHEGUTU-BORN Vimbayi Zhuwao is enjoying life as an events planner and manager of a line of business she pursued as a career based on her obsession with food as a chef.

To take this line of business, she had to shelve her successful career as a Class 1 auto electrician.

Zhuwao, who operates under Vee’s Delectables events company, told NewsDay Life & Style that her creativity in events planning and management has been a result of deep understanding of cultural values and norms including fashionable trends in beauty and design.

“A greater part of life and the society at large has the family bonds at the centre of it and the beginning stages of family carry the most weight. As a wedding planner, the most powerful positive impact I have on people’s lives is assisting them to budget well for their big day and offering a stress-free start to their family’s union,” she said.

“Arts and culture also play a pivotal role in society and I am always looking for an opportunity to bring that aspect to light. To that end, I have worked with the Chitungwiza Publicity Association at its recently held Mitupo Exhibition as it showcased various totems in hand drawn canvases, poetry and fabric works.”

Although challenges always arise in her line of business, Zhuwao’s success lies in pursuing her passion.

“When one is pursuing a career of choice the challenges become learning points and not roadblocks. So, discover your passion, know your strengths and play to them,” she urged.

Before venturing into events planning, she perfected several skills that acted as stepping stones. Getting involved in finger foods was the first skill she mastered, then baking, catering, floral arrangements, gift hampers, décor and later events management.

“My key role as an events planner is that  I assist my brides with budgeting, venue selection, decor set up, catering options, disc jockeys, emcees, photography and videography, wedding cakes, marriage officers, gowns, suits, make-up, nail tech, hair stylist and honeymoon including other several desirables,” she said.

Zhuwao asserts that the importance of planned events cannot be overemphasised as it has been the only sustainable way of keeping good cultural values and writing own pieces of history over the years.

Away from food and events management, Zhuwao enjoys travelling.

“Zimbabwe is a gem full of amazing places to see and I make use of every opportunity I get to see some of these places. Through travelling I also get to experience a wide variety of flavour palates and increase my skill as well,” she said

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