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Maruta extends begging bowl to represent Zim at World championships

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In a latest development, multi-talented award-winning artist, White Maruta, is struggling to raise funds to go and represent Zimbabwe at the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in California, United States.

LOCAL artists have been making history raising the country’s flag on different international platforms, but financial support has been failing many of them to take the artistic excellence to other levels.

After excelling to represent the country on a global stage, of late, some artists have failed to access monetary support to partake at international arts events.

In a latest development, multi-talented award-winning artist, White Maruta, is struggling to raise funds to go and represent Zimbabwe at the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in California, United States.

WCOPA will run from June 28 to July 7. The event is an international platform that brings together aspiring performers from over 60 countries to compete in various categories such as singing, dancing, acting, modelling and instrument performance as they compete for the “World’s Best” title.

Renowned for his artistic proficiency, if he makes it, this will be the second dance for Maruta at this event, having been to Las Vegas for the same event in 2021.

The Mabvuku-born and bred visual artist and choreographer Maruta is also set to participate at the International Modelling Arts Talent Showcase in New York from July 8 to July 15.

He specialises in a diverse range of styles seamlessly transitioning between fine art, semi-realism, expressionism, dadaism and break dance.

Desperate to represent his country on the global stage, the 34-year-old Maruta is extending a begging bowl to well-wishers to be part of performers at two major events.

To showcase Zimbabwean talent, the artist requires US$16 000 to cater his registration requirements, air tickets, accommodation and food allowances for both events. The money should be paid by March 31.

He said for those who wished to sponsor or partner him it would be a mutually beneficial partnership.

“I am reaching out to potential sponsors who share a passion for the arts and a commitment to supporting the growth of artistic endeavours. I am open to discuss various ways in which I can collaborate, from featuring brands in my promotional materials to exclusive sponsorship acknowledgements during my performances,” Maruta noted.

“The sponsorship will not only support my participation at this prestigious event, but will also be a testament to commitment to the arts and community engagement. The support will not only contribute to the realisation of my artistic dreams, but also align with a narrative of creativity, cultural exchange and international recognition.”

To him, art is a means of transcending borders and fostering connections between diverse cultures.

“Through my work, I aim to inspire, provoke thought and contribute to the global conversation on the power of artistic expression,” the visual artist said.

As a self-taught mixed media virtuoso, Maruta’s artistic endeavours are distinguished by a deep focus on realism.

“My creations do not only capture the visual intricacies of my subjects, but also embody the profound essence of prominent Zimbabwean figures. In doing so, my work catalyses national conversations, exploring themes that resonate at both a personal and societal level,” he explained.

“My artistic prowess has been recognised on the global stage, with a gold medal proudly adorning my collection from the International Art Talent Showcase in South Africa. Adding to this, I have been twice nominated for outstanding performances at the World Championships of Performing Arts in both 2021 and 2024, a testament to the dynamic nature of my artistic expression.”

Speaking of his international performances, Maruta said: “The stage of the International Art Talent Showcase became a canvas for my performances, allowing me to showcase my skills to a global audience, and fostering cultural exchange through the universal language of art.”

“In each stroke of my brush and every rhythm of my performance, I strive not only to create art, but to spark conversations, bridge cultures and leave an indelible mark on the world of creativity. Be a part of my story, sponsor my journey and witness the world fall in love with the beauty of my homeland, one brushstroke at a time.”

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