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VaChikepe sings for the poor

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Takudzwa “VaChikepe” Chikepe said his type of art was a new music genre he created called Christian Musical Poetry

UNITED STATES-BASED Zimbabwean poet and author Takudzwa “VaChikepe” Chikepe appeared to have gone into deep meditation when he produced his latest piece titled: Golden Ndarama, a song loaded with poetical lines couched in the form of a prayer of a poor man yearning for money, change and a better life.

In the song, the International Reggae and World Music Awards winner ponders and questions why the poor mostly remain trapped in a non-progressive lifestyle.

Through the song, the poet-cum-singer is also optimistic in his belief that progress can be achieved if people unite and work together.

The song is simply a scrutiny of life biased towards the struggle of the poor though it offers the solution to the predicament.

It also highlights that people with wealth and influence lack wisdom that could be found in poor people.

In the song, he laments the lack of money among the poor in the line, “…pasi rino chatisina chete imari, Mwari tipeiwo ndarama” in this life, the only thing that we don’t have is money, God bless us with cash, which he says in a poetic line.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, VaChikepe said Golden Ndarama was inspired by life and the exposure he got while touring Africa, Europe and now America.

“This piece came up after trying to think about the meaning of life, thinking especially from the times I lived in Africa, Europe and now America, and of course with a theological sense,” he noted.

“This whole song is also a prayer that even challenges other Christian concepts of life in a positive way.”

VaChikepe summarised the message embedded in the song saying: “Be alert in life and try to understand everything. Be brave and live in honesty. Be a leader and learn to define yourself and your community and society the best way you can.

“Two are always better than one and the more we are and the more we come together and love one another and take care of each other is the best way we can be better than ourselves or wishes.

“Progress and development is a must and the future belongs to everyone. To believe this greatness, make sure you continue to believe in yourself and your purpose in life. This whole world belongs to God, hence this whole world belongs to everyone.”

VaChikepe said his type of art was a new music genre he created called Christian Musical Poetry.

“I call my music a Christian Musical Poetry because in this type of art, I am very inquisitive of Christian ethics in terms of understanding the meaning of life. And also in this type of art, my poetry becomes musical. I add a musical chorus to this art and I sometimes sing poetry or read poetry in a musical way,” he added.

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