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An open letter to Welshman Ncube

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I must confess that I am rather ignorant of the main reasons that drove you to part with your former colleagues at MDC-T.

Dear Welshman, I must confess that I am rather ignorant of the main reasons that drove you to part with your former colleagues at MDC-T. Report by Vince Museve

I therefore speak from a position of that ignorance, but with a lucid appreciation of what future us Zimbabweans are likely to face if things remain as they are and Zanu PF becomes a majority party in the next government.

I am, however, persuaded that you, Welshman Ncube, can play a major part in reducing or even expunging the probability of that happening to us. That is why I have decided to write to you.

It is obvious to most of us, as it must be to you that our beloved country has been in the wrong hands for far too long and this cannot be allowed to continue because if it does, it is the poor and marginalised majority of Zimbabweans who are likely to continue to carry the burden.

I am an optimist and I truly believe that we are at the cusp of something far greater than you and I and yet, we can easily lose it if we are not united as a front against a dictatorship whose reign must surely come to its inevitable end.

You see Welshman, every man or woman at some time in his or her life, is compelled to make some hard choices, choices that may subordinate his or her own needs and concerns, but lift the hope in others. That is the burden of leadership that we must carry in times like these.

I watched a documentary on lions the other day and it was instructive to learn that their hunting together in packs does not necessarily increase their success of catching their prey. However, this coming together, is solely for the purpose of protecting their turf and their offspring from predators and other packs of lions that want to invade their territory; it works all the time. It is a territorial instinct that mere animals such as lions have.

Now, if we as humans are to be instructed from this, especially in politics, and especially with regard to removing a tyrant and his entourage, it is critical that we move in packs as lions do.

I, therefore, entreat you Welshman to seriously consider partnering with MDC-T for the sole purpose of dealing with the tyranny which has created too much unnecessary poverty and suffering for those that you aspire to lead.

Welshman, Zanu PF has no interest at all in our well-being and you of all people are aware of their continued disregard and disrespect of their own word. This has been shown over and over many a time especially now and the fact that a President, who has taken oath and sworn to adhere to the constitution and protect the interests of ALL Zimbabweans, takes unilateral action solely for his own interests and his bid to remain in power.

I am sure from where you are, you know more about the enemy and the fight ahead than I do. Ordinary innocent Zimbabweans of all ages have endured pain and suffering enormously in the recent past.

In my opinion, this has largely been a result of our continued narrow concern of our personal needs and the unwillingness of most of us to sacrifice for a greater good. You, of course, have distinguished yourself as different from that mindset. Zimbabweans have been apathetic, fearful and selfish in the past and this has resulted in a political party such as Zanu PF becoming what it has become today; greedy, corrupt, uncaring, a bully that is self centred, arrogant and irrelevant.

It would be beneficial to all of us who are expectantly hoping for change, if you were to partner with other progressive forces Welshman. It would hearten me in particular, to see you hand in hand with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and walking, as David did, towards this despicable Goliath that seeks to prolong our suffering solely for its own egoistic desires.

My dear Welshman, I can imagine how difficult such a move could be for you, given your seemingly irreconcilable differences with Morgan. But surely, just as we expect God to forgive us for or sins, should we not therefore forgive those we feel may have unfairly treated us in the past, especially when the livelihoods of millions could be at stake?

Zimbabwe deserves a new leadership, a new lease of life, a new future that is significantly different from the past and you can truly be part of that history which creates a country where all are equal and are free to exercise their rights without fear; a country that can begin to live to its full unlimited potential. For me there can be no ideal greater than that.

I wish you well. Yours Sincerely, Vince Musewe