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Updates: Bulawayo Horticulture products - Markets Analysis

There was a high supply of pumpkins and Mashamba ( amajodo) from Gokwe and Bubi district. Pumpkins were sold at R10 - 3 whereas amajodo were going for $1-2 each depending on size.

It's the beginning of a new week and there was an increase in potato supply, the market had a total of 300-350 tonnes. Prices were pegged at $5-10 depending on pocket size. The major supplying areas were Harare, Nyanga, Hamara farm, Beatrice and Gweru.

In the tomatoes section, a 30kg plastic sandak of tomatoes was going for $16-28 and major sources were Birchenough, Macheke and Figtree.

Although the supply of cabbages was good, there was a low supply of covo, tsunga and rape. A bundle of covo was sold at $2.50-4,rape $2.50-3.50,tsunga $3-4 and cabbages were going for R10-$1.20 depending on size.

The supplying areas were Matopo, Esigodini, Fairbridge, Hamara farm and Umguza.

Okra fresh had a good supply from Empress in Gokwe and the price per 20l bucket was pegged at $8-10 depending on freshness.

There was a high supply of pumpkins and Mashamba ( amajodo) from Gokwe and Bubi district. Pumpkins were sold at R10 - 3 whereas amajodo were going for $1-2 each depending on size.

Fresh groundnuts and  roundnuts were available at Shasha market. Fresh groundnuts were supplied from Gokwe whereas roundnuts were from Rutenga.

A 20litre  bucket of fresh groundnuts was sold at $7-8 and fresh roundnuts were pegged at $10-12 per 20l bucket.


Masvingo and Gokwe continue to supply sweet potatoes in large quantities. Price per 20l bucket remains constant at $4-5.

Oranges were available in the market and the major supplying area was Mazoe citrus. A 10kg packet of oranges had a selling price of $5-6.

For more commodity prices see the attached price tracker bellow:



Covo $2.50-4 per bundle

Cabbage R10-$1.20 each

Rape $2.50-3.50 per bundle

Tsunga $3-4 per bundle

Spinach $0.80 per bundle

Lettuce $0.80-$1 each

Okra fresh $8-10 per bkt

Cauliflower $1.50 per kg

Broccoli $1.50 per kg

Baby marrow $10-12 per bucket

Eggplant $1 per kg



Green pepper $7 per bucket

Green beans $10 per bucket

Cucumber $8 per bucket

Eng cucumber $1 each

Carrots $1.50-2 per bunch

Onions dried $8-10 per bucket

Chilli pepper $1(heap)



$16-28 per 30kg plastic sandak


10kg pkt 5.50

15kg pkt $7.50

18kg pkt $10

Sweet potatoes $4-5 per bucket

Butternut $5 per 10kg packet



Matemba $38-40 per bkt

Madora $22-25 per bkt

Munyevhe dried $14-15 per bucket

Munyemba dried $5-8 per bkt

Covo dried $10 per bucket

Cabbage dried $12 per bucket

Mushroom dried (wild) $10 per bucket

Soya chunks $2-3 per 5kg pkt

Fish dried $1-10 per pkt

Garlic $2.50 per kg

Ginger $1.50 per kg



Bananas $7-8 per 18kg crate

Apples $22-25 (large boxes)

Oranges $5-6 per 10kg pkt

Lemons $1 for 10

Plums $12 per box

Grapes $1.50-2 per punnet

Avocado $10 per bkt

Coconut $1.50-2 each

Mawuyu shelled $7-8 per bkt

Masawu $8 per bkt

Tsubvu $8 per bkt

Dzviro $7-8 per bkt

Watermelon R10-4 each



Maize grain $6 per bkt

Mhunga $6 per bkt

Mapfunde $6 per bkt

Cowpeas $8-12 per bkt

Sunflower $7-8 per bkt

Wheat $10 per bkt

Rukweza $18-20 per bkt

Mixed grains $4-7 per bkt

Roundnuts fresh $10-12 per bkt

Roundnuts shelled $30-32 per bkt

Groundnuts fresh $7-8 per bkt

Groundnuts shelled $20-25 per bkt

Groundnuts mumhare $10 per bkt

Chibage mumhare $22 per bkt

Pumpkins R10-$3 each

Mashamba ( amajodo) $1-2 each

Mapudzi $1 for 5

Horned cucumber $1 for 8/10



Ordinary broilers $6-7 each

Offlayers $3.50-4 each

Road runner $4-10 each

Guinea fowls $8-9 each

Ducks $9-10 each

Turkeys $25-30 each

Rabbits $12 each

Eggs $2.80-4 per tray





          Leaf vegetables

          Groundnuts unshelled

         Guinea fowls

         Green mealies



        Okra fresh





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