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Kamurai Mudzingwa

Kamurai Mudzingwa

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Are restrictive abortion laws good for women’s reproductive health?

Reports show that all unsafe abortions take place in developing countries (where restrictions are severe) and this is where 99% of abortion-related deaths occur.
By Kamurai Mudzingwa Jan. 8, 2023

Are restrictive abortion laws good for women’s reproductive health? (Part 2)

The women perceived the law as contributing to serious reproductive health hazards because by unintentionally encouraging illegal abortions, it exposed women to serious health consequences.
By Kamurai Mudzingwa Jan. 15, 2023

Short-changing the honest citizen

We have perfected the art of short- changing the honest citizen through policy, legislation, corruption, deception . . . the list is endless.
By Kamurai Mudzingwa Sep. 3, 2023

Scott, Mthuli showed it can be done

Those that have something to offer go on the ground and let their actions speak for themselves and they don’t force themselves on the people. 
By Kamurai Mudzingwa Sep. 17, 2023