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Heena Joshi

Heena Joshi

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Iran under the spotlight

Her alleged offence is the indiscreet manner of wearing her hijab, a head-covering, mandatorily worn by Muslim women.
By Heena Joshi Sep. 30, 2022

Religion vs human rights: Iran under the spotlight

With a population of just under 90 million people, whose only access to internet is through the national mobile operator
By Heena Joshi Sep. 30, 2022

Political crisis creates unprecedented exit for Truss

The ignominy of her time in politics, as the head of the Conservative Party and as prime minister shall surely not evade her. 
By Heena Joshi Oct. 23, 2022

2022 in the rear view mirror, all set for 2023

The EU, Nato, and western allies were fast to respond to this act of aggression with maximum trade, sports and economic sanctions being imposed. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 6, 2023

Davos agenda becoming increasingly questionable

It engages with leading representatives of business society and financial elitists to shape the future of our planet. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 20, 2023

SA continues to scramble its future

The ANC and the former Soviet Union have ties going back almost 100 years, and support came in the form of military training as well as weaponry and military aid. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 27, 2023

Women’s day celebrations focus on equity

A reminder of the meaning; is the right of a woman seeking to be acknowledged through her vote, which was through organised protest, her right to be recorded.
By Heena Joshi Mar. 10, 2023