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Nyaradzo Muguti

Nyaradzo Muguti

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Do you know what transformation is?

When we break down the word ‘meta’ meaning change and ‘morphe’ meaning shape/form we are effectively talking about transformation.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Sep. 9, 2022

Adapt or die: Drivers for transformation

Mergers and acquisitions by their very nature will drive change. The core tenets of transformation: people, process, products and technology are impacted.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Sep. 16, 2022

The bookends to transformation

To explore this relationship we look back at the forerunners of transformation.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Sep. 30, 2022

Customer at the heart of transformation.

EVERY organisation knows that it has to do right by the customer with each interaction, otherwise it is doomed to fail.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Oct. 21, 2022

Houghton laments Zim batting frailties

Had Zimbabwe won, and then beaten India in their next game, they could have been in with a chance
By Nyaradzo Muguti Nov. 4, 2022

Transformation: Resistance is inevitable

It helps in the development of targeted communication plans to preempt some of the resistance.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Nov. 4, 2022

Key roles, factors required to set transformation up for success

I posit that the rewards of the latter will deliver long-term benefits for the organisation and we commonly use a term called benefits realisation to describe this.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Mar. 24, 2023

Key roles, factors required to set transformation up for success.

A best practice approach to resourcing is shared, which will contribute to the likelihood of project success. This week we discuss the critical roles on a project.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Apr. 21, 2023