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Bavada exposes evils in society


BUDDING artiste Brandon “Bavada” Mandisodza says his latest song Mafuro seeks to expose corruption, immoral behaviour and other evils which take place in different sectors of society.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Bavada said: “The track Mafuro is a direct attack on people who are taking advantage of the vulnerable by using them to fulfil their agendas. I also mentioned corrupt activities which are happening in different sectors. For example, corruption at workplaces where youths are being forced to bribe human resources practitioners in order to get jobs. I also reviewed how deejays and presenters usually ask for something from up-and-coming and well-established musicians for them to get airplay and I am one of the artistes who came across this.

“In the religious sector, I pointed out how religious leaders are using different tricks (miracles and prophecies) to hoodwink unsuspecting believers. At the end of the first verse I warned them not to silence us for if we let them do as they please, they will kick us.”

He also talked about sugar daddies who are corrupting ghetto sisters and exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases, adding that his main agenda was to highlight issues affecting the young generation.

Bavada has two albums, Ghetto Prayer (2018) and Tsamba (2021) on his discography.

“I have learnt that music is a lifestyle because usually as artistes we tend to reflect the way people are living and what is being experienced in everyday life. In the music industry, our job is to reflect what is already happening just like what I did in Mafuro. Also music enables us as creatives to communicate what we ought to see in the future,” he said.

The 25-year-old dancehall artiste said he was nicknamed “The Ambassador” because most of his songs exposed issues that other artistes were afraid to say and he acts as the voice of the voiceless.

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