Musicologist laments lack of professionalism in music


MUSICOLOGIST and Afro-pop gospel musician Kwanele “Kwazlegacy” Moyo has said there is lack of professionalism in the local arts industry, particularly the music sector.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Moyo said he aimed to bring change to the arts industry through workshops meant to discuss topical issues within the music circles.

“There is lack of professionalism in the creative sector as some artistes operate without signing professional contracts. Some proprietors in cities like Gwanda operate unregistered (backyard) recording studios and this contributes to the killing of the industry due lack of professionalism,” he said.

“When compared to neighbouring countries like South Africa, it can be noted that there are prominent recording studios that make artistes sign contracts. This means the industry is run in a professional manner.”

Moyo said there was a need to treat music as a business if the sector is to realise its full potential.

“We must have wide consultations with neighbouring countries which have vibrant music industries. Locally, it appears as if most musicians do not know their rights. There is need for more workshops which educate artistes on how to register their works in line with copyright and intellectual property rights,” he said.

“The other issue is that some musicians do not appreciate the importance of studying music academically. Most people take the route of talent without education and this has killed many great musicians.”

He added: “The issue of management is also destroying the music industry as a number of artistes die dreaming because they do not have guidance towards their careers.”

Moyo said he was advocating for the establishment of a school of music in Gwanda town that helped to improve the music industry.

He recently conducted two workshops in partnership with a non-profit organisation, Angel of Hope Foundation and Zimbabwe Open University that centred on issues of copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

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