Firefighters tackle huge blaze in Kenya national park


A team of firefighters has been deployed to help battle a huge blaze that’s destroyed large areas of the Aberdares forest in central Kenya.

The cause of the fire, which started on Saturday, is not yet known.

The blaze is within the Aberdares National Park, which is home to a rich wildlife, including elephants and endangered rhinos.

Videos and photographs show local people using branches and bucketloads of water to try and contain the huge fire.

The professional firefighters were flown into the area as the flames destroyed larges swathes of land.

The wildfire comes at a time when the country is experiencing drought in various areas following a season of failed rains.

Scientists have blamed climate change for the recent harsh dry seasons experienced in many parts of the country.

The Aberdares suffered devastating blazes in 2017 and 2018.- BBC