Creatives speak on Valentine’s Day

1-Rodgers Shomayi has taken advantage of the Valentine's Day which is on tomorrow to make money by selling roses ,cups ,ted bears and perfumes along Robert Mugabe road

ZIMBABWEANS across the country yesterday celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day that has been commercialised, although its origins may not have changed much over the centuries.

It seems to be one of the busiest days of the year that brings brisk business to most restaurants, boutiques, salons and lodges as families celebrate love.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day to say those special four words “Will you marry me?” as the setting and mood is usually conducive to do so.

Charles Charamba

Lovers express their love for each other by presenting red roses and sending humorous or sentimental cards and gifts wrapped in Valentine colours.

As a way of celebrating the day, some simply wear the colour red, while others go for expensive dinners.

As the country celebrated the gift of love, NewsDay Life & Style caught up with some creatives, who shared their sentiments about the day.

Veteran gospel singer Charles Charamba said: “We live in a world where tolerance should take centre stage. Valentine’s Day has no value to me, I only watch others emphasise its importance.

Edith WeUtonga

“The yardstick of true love is in the Bible not on a sketchy calendar.

“It is never a bad idea to copy some global events, but Valentine’s Day is not one of the days I honour in the fashion of World TB Day or Mother’s Day.

“The story of its origin and its annual “objectives” is not clearly spelt out. It has an open-ended character which seems to promote insincere relationships more than it speaks of marital union.

“It was seemingly designed to manipulate those who don’t suspect anything. I love both those who value it and those who have reservations on it.”

Neo-Soul songbird, Adiona Maboreke-Chidzonga said: “So, this Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday and both of us (Munya and her) will be working. I will be with the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) to commemorate world condom day for most of the day, then Munya will be running our bulk water business.”

“He did book me an appointment at the spa though …and I am hoping he will take me for dinner tonight, we will see how the day goes.

“Valentine’s Day does not really mean that much to us because we wake up everyday and still choose each other. Love is work.

“I feel I deserve to be showered with chocolate and flowers every other week realistically, not once a year. We do love the vibe though. The dressing up and everything else.

Award-winning musician and actress Edith WeUtonga said: “We got to know about Valentine’s Day at school and always saw and received flowers, cards and chocolates from secret and known admirers alike.

“As we grew older, the meaning changed and ceased to be that significant, especially in marriage when every other day you get pampered and get gifts. Like today, I am just busy hoovering my kids’ bedrooms and they gave me their ‘valentines’ gifts.

“To me, Valentine’s Day is just like any other day. If I get something from my hubby, sweet and if I don’t, not a biggie either.”

Afro-jazz sensation Pah Chihera said: “Valentine’s Day to me is just an ordinary day because I have personally made a decision to be happy and love everyday like it’s my last day on earth.


“To those who believe in setting aside one day in a year to celebrate love I say love, live and love again. The advice I can give that I think will work and make love remain is never try to change your spouse, love them with their flaws, bad and good, but most importantly, love yourself more.”

Afro-fusion musician Ammi Jamanda said: “I rarely get presents, but I revere the day and celebrate it with those in love. It is a day set aside for lovers to appreciate each other through spending time together and exchanging gifts.

“It is not everyday when couples or lovers show their love through spending time together and giving each other gifts. So yes, the day is of significance to me,” she said.

Songbird Selmor Mtukudzi said: “Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to show each other love, it’s nice to dress up and share gifts and have a lovely time together.”

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