Malawian President dissolves cabinet on corruption row

Lazarus Chakwera

By Silence Mugadzaweta
Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera has dissolved the country’s entire cabinet in charges of corruption on some of his ministers, he said in an address to the nation late on Monday.

In a statement, Chakwera has said he will announce a new cabinet in the next two days.

“I have dissolved my entire Cabinet effective immediately, and all the functions of Cabinet revert to my office until I announce a reconfigured Cabinet in two days,” read the statement.

Chakwera said his government will not accept amnesty on public officials who have been implicated in corrupt activities.

“I do not support the offer of amnesty to those who defrauded Government and the Malawian people. Although the idea of an amnesty was a campaign promise enshrined in our manifesto as a way of speedily recovering Government’s stolen assets, it cannot be effected without a clear legislative framework that allows it to be implemented lawfully and without appearing soft on corruption.”

The development comes after a recording in which Malawi’s director general of the anti-corruption bureau, Martha Chizuma was leaked.

According to Chakwera, in the audio, she “she discusses her belief that the justice system in Malawi will not do what is right in handling corruption cases unless it is forced.”

Chizuma’s leaked audio also exposes intrinsic details on a chain of a corruption network involving the country’s civil society, the church and judiciary.