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Breast-feeding mothers shun vaccines



A MUTARE gynaecologist and obstetrician Miriam Kanyenze yesterday said most pregnant and breast-feeding women in Manicaland were reluctant to be vaccinated for COVID-19 due to fear that inoculation could endanger children and the unborn.

Kanyenze, who runs a private surgery in the eastern border city and is also employed at the Herbert Chitepo Hospital as a consultant, said she was worried about the low uptake of vaccines.

“It is good for the pregnant women to be vaccinated as they will also protect the unborn child from getting coronavirus because the immunity is passed to the child,” she said.

“It started in the third wave when government announced that women who are pregnant and those breastfeeding should be vaccinated, but I have realised the majority of pregnant woman and those who are breast-feeding have been hesitant to be vaccinated because of some of some wrong information on social media.

“I have been urging the majority of woman to read literature of the World Health Organisation, they are more benefits than disadvantages when you are vaccinated, I have been telling women that they should not listen to unverified information on social media. I don’t have statics, but woman I have tried to help are saying they don’t want to be vaccinated.”

She added that COVID-19 could be very severe to pregnant women.

“COVID-19 can be very severe to pregnant women, especially during the remaining with few weeks before delivery,” she said.

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