Instagram has always been an effective marketing tool for upcoming businesses and start-ups to showcase their products and services and make their brand more visible. The main reason why many new businesses are using this platform as a medium to boost their sales is because it is free of cost and guarantees improvement, if used in the right way. It is also easy to use and does not take up any additional time. 


Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform that is attracting more and more people with each passing day. Currently it has more than a billion active users which means that even a small fraction of the entire number of users is a lot. With the right kind of planning and input, Instagram can help expand the business by making it known to huge counts of people. 

Many companies also buy Instagram followers so that a page with a large number of followers creates a sense of trust and loyalty in the minds of new customers. It is a new way of attracting more people to the page and as a result advertise the content more. 

In many cases, a business might be profitable and successful but not many people might be knowing about it. In these cases, Instagram can be utilised to give an  extra boost and recognition to the company. 


For any business to grow it is necessary to be present in the market, to be seen and recognised by the people. When a company uses a social media influencer to promote their brand they are instantly gaining a lot of attention as every follower of the influencer is now aware of your brand and its products. In the case of an influencer, a company receives a lot more revenue than is invested in the influencer. Therefore, this hikes up the scale quickly and efficiently. Just a few posts and stories uploaded by an influencer can help the business by leaps and bounds. 

Instead of trusting TV channels and posters people find it easier to place their trust in someone who they are aware of. 


Instagram has become a mode of marketing and advertising for most of the companies that were invisible earlier. It helps a company keep tabs on how the people are perceiving their brand, how it looks to an outsider and how popular it has become over time. A business account on Instagram has a lot of information with respect to the reach and popularity of the account. For example, if a brand posts about its products and adds interesting captions and hashtags along with it, then the post sees a lot of reach. However, if the post is fairly simple with a vague caption that does not quite connect or catch the eye of the viewer then the post performs poorly. It only reaches a limited number of Instagram users.

This is the reason why Instagram reach has become a parameter of business growth especially if the services and products provided by a company are custom made, according to the needs and requirements of the customers. You can also use some of the best social media marketing companies to get the best engagement rate and these will also help you to increase your sales through instagram. 



Earlier most of the companies had a separate feedback column in their website or took feedback from their customers after each transaction. This way of understanding and reflecting on the users’ reviews has become simpler and more honest. When a page receives negative comments or replies on their stories and posts then it is clear that a lot of people are not enjoying the content provided by the company on the platform. This does not require any additional effort or investment. Every user of the page responds to engaging stories and posts wherein questions are asked and the answer just lies a tap away. With new features like “polls” on Instagram, many businesses even ask for a vote before uploading a post. This has eliminated the need for an external person who takes the feedback and then conveys it to the main department. 

Any kind of negative input or criticism from the users can be mended promptly and the service and delivery is therefore all the more effective. 


Instagram has made it easy to get to know the requirements and wants of the customers. Through this platform a company understands what the public expects of them. The idea is clearer and precise. When the admin of an Instagram account posts a picture with a caption and the followers comment on it, they can be replied to in an instant and in whichever way they want. Many businesses take this platform as a place to interact with the customers and form a bond. Constant posts, timely updates on the products and offers gives the users a sense of real life communication even in the virtual space. Other modes of communication are often either cumbersome or a one way conversation where the users are only fed with information. However, in the case of a social media platform, users are often seen commenting or asking questions and doubts through Direct Messages. Instagram has done away with these shortcomings and helps new and upcoming businesses to create a mark. 

Therefore it is evident that Instagram proves to be one of the most organic and effective ways to improve one’s business.