Lawyer in bribery storm


A LAWYER from Kantor and Immerman, Agmos Moyo, who was representing South African firm, Umbrella Holding and Golstone (Pvt), against local businessman Rodney Dangarembizi, has been reported to the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) for unprofessional conduct after he negotiated to buy an immovable property from the accused person without consulting his client.


Dangarembizi is accused of swindling the company of more than US$1 million in agricultural service deals.

Umbrella Holding and Golstone, represented by directors Antony Denga and Owen Sher, reported Moyo to LSZ after suspecting the transaction could be a bribe meant to destroy their case against Dangarembizi.

Denga also raised a host of complaints against Moyo, forcing the latter to recuse himself from representing the firm.

“In reference to our formal letter of complaint against Messrs Kantor and Immerman which (was) filed on March 11, 2020, the complaint raises concern with the actions of Kantor and Immerman in making representations on our behalf which (is) tantamount to malpractice and constitute unprofessional, dishonourable or unworthy conduct as envisaged by the legal practitioners code of conduct,” the letter to LSZ read.

Denga accused Moyo of negotiating an out-of-court settlement with Dangarembizi in his absence and preparing a deed of settlement, whose contents were never made public, leading to a delay in the court case.

They also accused him of preparing the deed of settlement for Dangarembizi to pay $682 500 instead of him paying US$682 500 which the client refused to sign.

“We have been investing in Zimbabwe for the past eight years and this matter has cast a very negative light on the judicial system of Zimbabwe and does very little to increase investor confidence in the Zimbabwean economy. At present, international investor partners have expressed their concern over the present matter and the manner in which it has been handled. The feeling at present is that there is no rule of law and even the top law firms are seemingly failing to provide a means to obtain justice within the system,” the letter, dated June 10, read.

Moyo, however, wrote to LSZ saying he had made an offer to purchase a property, which he later discovered belonged to Dangarembizi.

“I went into the market for the purchase of an immovable property. My offer was duly accepted and I requested for the usual property documentation in order to carry out the due diligence exercise in respect of the property, that is when I discovered it belonged to Rodney Dangarembizi,” Moyo responded.

“I would like to hear from both parties within seven days of the date of this letter (June 16, 2020) so that I can advise the seller of this position as the matter cannot lie in limbo for too long,” Moyo said.

But Denga alleges Moyo had shown dishonesty, adding the transaction was not a coincidence, but a ploy to make their investment disappear.

LSZ is yet to respond to the matter.