AMHVoices: Politics is a game with no rules

THE political playfield in our country is a game with no rules. It is a game any player can just enter provided they are of the right age, but does not fully prescribe the dos and don’ts of controlling the means of production, which is the essence of getting into politics. For years the late former President Robert Mugabe allowed those in the playfield to play God with people’s lives and this has to be put to a stop.


For years, Mugabe blamed sanctions for the suffering of the majority in the country and claimed that sanctions were promoted and invited by the opposition party, specifically the MDC. But strangely, for years, he did nothing to punish those he claimed were bringing suffering to the people.

Instead, they were rewarded and treated like heroes, more important than the founding leader of Zanu, Ndabaningi Sithole. Mugabe, besides the Wikileaks, maybe died without much evidence to punish those that he claimed to have campaigned for the imposition of sanctions on the country, but we will not forgive him for not coming up with a sanctions law to protect Zimbabwe and its people.

This is the third year for the second republic and just like the Mugabe government, it has to date not acted to protect the people from sanctions promoters. Prior to the 2018 elections, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and his colleagues travelled to Washington to openly campaign for the sanctions and continue to openly call for the continuation of the retrogressive, unjustified measures so that the economy can scream.

Such a scenario will only benefit a few, those wishing to get power through the suffering of those they claim to represent. If the actions of Chamisa, accompanied by his colleagues are not evidence enough for the party to be punished, then surely I do not know what to put forward as evidence.

For months now, concerned citizens have camped at the American embassy in Harare calling for the removal of the sanctions. These people represent the over two-thirds that voted for Zanu PF. What is worrying and discouraging is how the party with two-thirds in Parliament is choosing to ignore the suffering of the people.

Zanu PF as the governing party can do itself a favour by choosing to be with the people that put them into power by coming up with a law that punishes those that call on foreigners to interfere with our internal affairs. Americans will never vote in this country, so there is no point in trying to overly please them because we can never please them until the day we say we are totally reversing the land reform.

Are we in a position to do that? The answer is no. So whatever we do, sanctions will remain and they will continue calling for endless reforms.

The so-called reforms simply mean an election that brings puppets into power.

We, the suffering masses will not rest until we have our equivalent of the American Logan Act.

Failure to act by the second republic will make it no different from the Mugabe-led government.

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