Black Umfolosi to unveil new members


BLACK Umfolosi has expanded its clan to 10 after running for several years with five members and is set to unveil the newcomers soon, NewsDay Life & Style has learnt.


The group used to have eight members, but its number dropped to five before they lost another member, Alec Mzala Ncube, last year.

“We managed to replace and cover a void which Ncube left by taking one of the members from the junior team…. We have also put fresh blood and we are now a team of 10,” group spokeperson Tomeki Dube told NewsDay Life & Style.

Dube said plans were afoot to unveil the members in May at the Bulawayo Theatre.

“The group sang for decades with eight members, then the number went down to five. So now we have taken it to a good boost. We plan to reveal the new team on May 15. We want them to get the exposure and confidence to take it up to another level,” he said.

Dube also hinted that the group will launch its 15th album later this year which will be distributed by a UK-based company.

“We also have a new album Washabalal’ Umhlaba, to be published and distributed by Arc Music label based in the UK,” he said.

”We intend to launch the album here in September after our return and test the product on the international arena.

This is our 15th album on the international market, but if we count the ones which were produced from home earlier, it becomes the 18th album. The album has nine tracks,” he said. Black Umfolosi founder, Sotja Moyo, expressed hope the launch will not be affected by COVID-19.

“It (the album) has little differences (from previous works) that can be detected by a good listener who followed our music from day one,” he said.


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