AMHVoices: Govt must clip MaShurugwi’s wings

THERE is a shocking video that has gone viral about MaShurugwi which confirms the many stories we have heard about the conditions in the informal mining sector.

By Eddie Cross

In one case that I know of, there were over 60 murders in 12 months at Gaika Mine, where over 1 000 informal miners invaded and took over a mine owned by a Canadian company. The problem was only resolved by the direct intervention of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the army. They restored order at the mine and reinstated the control of the mine to its original owners. One informal miner was shot in the process.

The root cause is poverty, but this is aggravated by the fact that the informal miners have no rights over the claims they are working and these are constantly being contested often violently as seen in the video.

We need to give all informal miners rights over the claims they are working and enforce these rights in the field.
We then need to back this up with assistance and technical advice and a decent marketing system for the gold that is produced at proper market prices. Right now these poor people are exploited by everyone involved.

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  1. Janana Bikaz Bikela

    For the so called Mashurugwi,poverty is not the root cause to hack and chop people with machetes with impunity.These guys know they are protected by some high powers somewhere.Some them are known and have been reported to the police but they still roam around scotfree.Everyone in Zimbabwe is experiencing the poverty brought about by the Zanu pf leaders and only the Mashurugwi have experienced it so bad to an extend of chopping people with machetes without the police doing anything about it?Its a big NO!.These hoodlums are protected by some murderous politicians.It is that simple!

    1. nhai zvako Janana, zvino can we say people have become gold? If you strike a fellow brother do you extract gold from his stomach or blood? What about the women and children? Muda is oiling these guys in a Boko Haram style and that must be stopped and Muda must face wrath and wailing of the blood that has been shed because of him…

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