Feed the people not fish, Chamisa tells ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa (in scarf) during the weekend tour of his Sherwood Farm in Kwekwe, where he showed off his prowess to his Political Actors Dialogue members


OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday took a swipe at President Emmerson Mnangagwa over a video that went viral on social media of him feeding his fish at his Kwekwe farm at the weekend, saying the Zanu PF leader had misplaced priorities at a time millions of Zimbabweans are in urgent need of food aid.

The United Nations estimates that 7,7 million citizens are in urgent need of food aid, while US$300 million is required to supply some 240 000 tonnes of handouts.

The MDC president said he was going into the Christmas holiday depressed knowing that millions of Zimbabweans will be without food, fuel, power and freedom.

“Any serious and credible leader’s core business is the well-being and interest of the people they lead. On that score, I walk into the Christmas holiday depressed, challenged and burdened because my thoughts, mind and conscience are with the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering. They are suffering because we have deprived them of happiness and merrymaking. They are without cash, without fuel, without electricity, without water and even without freedom,” Chamisa said.

He said it was a difficult period for Zimbabweans, and he hoped that “this will be a vivid reminder of the urgency of our situation, the extraordinary circumstances”.

“I wish I could have the luxury of feeding my fish at the farm with my friends, but I can’t. It is just impossible. We must feed the people not the fish,” Chamisa said, in apparent reference to a video that featured Mnangagwa, MDC leader Thokozani Khupe and other Political Actors’ Dialogue (Polad) platform leaders at Mnangagwa’s farm.

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Mnangagwa met Polad members at his farm at the weekend.

Chamisa said he sympathised with the people of Zimbabwe who will miss the usual delicacies usually associated with the festive season.

“I sympathise with the people and feel with them, the definition of a sensitive leader. The way Zimbabwe is suffering, high school fees, dysfunctional hospitals; in other countries, people are busy having their best meals, their delicacies on Christmas and visiting best places. But in Zimbabwe, the situation is different. I was in Germany, I could feel the sense of Christmas, but that is not the situation in Zimbabwe. (A) sad indictment of those in leadership. Instead of dispensing love, they are dispensing agony and sorrow,” Chamisa added.

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  1. chanyiswa mupanduki

    chamisa you are a useless bastard,you were in germany calling for sanction upon your own people.come 2023 ua going for a crushing defeat,haufe wakatonga nyika ino…..kana uchifunga kut anhu vachamukira hurumende ukuzvinyepera nemabhunu ako,useless youngman..

  2. nhai vaChamisa saka varimi vanoita zvekupfuwa huku vombomirawo kudzipa chikafu nekuti vanhu vanenzara? kubvunzazwo hangu??

  3. Iri bharanxi rinonzi Chamisa ngarinyarare. ED is not responsible for feeding anyone except maybe his family.

  4. Chamisa chamisa ! You feel for the people of Zimbabwe and to show it , you went to Germany to ask for more sanctions . What a disgrace . You do not even know that the fish being fed is food for the people . You do not know that ED is farming for the people and you go around asking for sanctions . After asking for sanctions , you even have guts to say “sunga hwani sunga dozen ” . Ndonzwa kukusvoderai Mufundisi Chamisa . I tend to wonder which god has such Pastors who advocate for the suffering of the people and then lie to say you sympathize with the people . You talk of fish feed and not the thousands of tonnes of rice the ED has given to the people . Nyarai nyarai .

  5. but for him to feed the people he must feed the food first.,,thus the fish. its shamefull words from one who decides to abandon /collapse/sabotage what produces the food….and say he is worried pple are suffering..

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