AMHVoices: Give Bere people their land

SEVERAL months after Chief Bere was installed in his motherland, the Bere people are still waiting for the promised land and are being haunted, divided, harassed and traumatised by illegal settlers who took advantage of their displacement about 100 years ago.

By Gugu Magorira, Our Reader

I am a biological descendant of the late Bere, currently resident in some sandy location near Runde River, under threat from Tugwi-Mukosi Dam expansion.

My fear is that I may be forced out of the land by government before being settled in my own motherland.

We have been to a number of meetings with the authorities, for example, district administrator, provincial administrator, Resident minister, Lands and Local Government ministries and others without any breakthrough.

Bere people are being harassed and threatened by a bogus chief close to Great Zimbabwe, who is a member of the G40 and President Emmerson Mnangagwa is either deliberately silent or badly misinformed by his emissaries.

The district administrator for the area is conniving with the so-called chief. They are buying time and frustrating Bere people, claiming to be auditing the land but until today nothing concrete seems to be materialising.

We are simply demanding our land from government, nothing else.

Mnangagwa must urgently intervene in the Bere chieftainship to save his people from daylight robbery by Local Government officials, who in our view, are leopards in sheep skin.

The Local Government officials in the area should be transferred or fired for undermining the authority of the President.

We are not happy with the handling of the Bere land issue by G40 criminals.

Mnangagwa must act on the Bere land issue currently being stalled by the Local Government officials.

I am a legitimate heir to the Bere chieftainship and badly frustrated by the failure to return to my land. I want to be buried in my motherland.

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  1. Another piece of truth that there is no Chieftainship called Charumbira. Fortune is a bogus chief with no land. Charumbira is a headman under Chief Nemamwa, yet they say he is a Chief… A chief with no land? That Chieftainship was created by varungu to appease a mutengesi.

  2. zimbabwe is ruled by fools liars like ed soon after coup he lied about chinese building powerstations now zim has no power no money the war vets thought by taking land you will become a farmer its like a babboon thinking if i stay in the house i will be a human being all over africa there is no foolish liar like ed au protects him because they are also as evil as him they are both thieves this coup master is a real terrorrist zimbabweans have suffered while zanupf occults are doing illegal mining with the chinese how foolish are zimbabwean leaders why are they so blind its time the world find a solution they have sold their hearts to satan to stay in power they are heartless to the peoples cry



  3. Well done Mazvihwa if the truth be told the area of mashaba, masvingo, mushandike great zimbabwe area until nemamwa belongs to the bere dynasty. There is a group of the descendants of Changamire BERE who now are settled in the mberengwa area in chief Mataruse between mnene mission hospital and Buchwa mine, Their forefathers were sent by chief Bere to follow the amandebeles when lobengula decided to punish the shonas when telegraph wire was stolen in the masvingo area and the white man fined them several heads of cattle. Lobengula became angry and came to masvingo to denand the cattle, in turn chief BERE sent an army led by his son,Lobengula was eventually killed by the BERE people who followed him torwads the zambezi in matebeleland north

  4. All the chieftaincy are a product of white rule!!! stop useless pride Zanupf or G40 is all the same.

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