The man behind the character Daison


Tafadzwa Kachiko

TALENTED actor Steven “Daison” Kaitano (pictured) has become a household in drama circles and popular to those who follow the drama on the small screen. Kaitano plays the role of Daison in a local drama series Mawoko Matema that airs on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation ZBCTV. NewsDay (ND) Life & Style correspondent Tafadzwa Kachiko caught up with Daison at his Budiriro 4 residence and below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: Many people got to know you through Mawoko Matema, was this your first appearance on television?

SK: The drama Mawoko Matema actually introduced me into acting. It gave me an opportunity to discover an acting talent that was just dormant.

ND: Who is Daison?

SK: Daison does not suffer from down syndrome, instead he is a destitute, who earns a living from picking-up waste for recycling. He is also a womaniser, who is not stingy and that is why ladies fight for him. However, despite being loved by many women, he does everything he can to remain with Melissa.

ND: How comfortable are you playing that role?

SK: I am very much comfortable. It feels so good to wear that character.

ND: How did the name Daison and your costume come into existence?

SK: The name came from the director and the costume from me. The director gave me the liberty to choose a costume that I was going to be comfortable with.

ND: In the drama you are a shy character. How can one distinquish your role in the production from who you are in real life?

SK: In real life I am not a shy person. I am a very open and friendly person, who is so outspoken. I say the truth whenever it needs to be told and this is something that makes other people hate me. I am a Christian, (a member of Faith Ministries Church in Budiriro 1).

ND: What does your role aim to illustrate in society?

SK: No matter who you are in society, your background or occupation, people can just love you. You can live a life which many people would admire regardless of your orientation.

Despite being a destitute, Daison is loved by many ladies. Love comes naturally and it does not cost a thing

ND: Daison is now a household name, how do you manage fame?

SK: At first, it was a challenge, but now I am used to it. I value everyone who greets me as Daison. I was quick to realise that pride kills, so I chose not to be pompous. The same people who praise you today will be the first to shame you if you fail to swallow your pride. I am still very open and friendly to anyone.

ND: Did you ever dream of becoming famous?

SK: I thought I could be famous as a musician and not an actor. However, God took me to the other lane and I eventually ventured into acting. I have no regrets, because I have already left a mark in the industry.

ND: Have you entered any awards?

SK: Yes, I entered the National Arts Merit Awards for the best male actor award and was not nominated.

ND: Do you regret not being nominated?

SK: I have no regrets. The ones nominated deserved it and the one who won was the best. I totally have nothing against that.

ND: Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

SK: This may sound ridiculous, but my dream is to act for Hollywood productions. I am actually preparing for that. I believe that God will open a way when there seems to be no way.

: Money or passion, what drives you?

SK: I am driven by passion. If it was not for passion, I would have quit, as there is no money in the industry. Acting is something in me. I