Goat thief caught red-handed

A goat is tied and stands precariously on the roof of a moving commuter omnibus in Manica, Mozambique on Monday. Picture: Aaron Ufumeli

A MUTARE man was last week caught dressed in underwear and vest in a goat pen at a plot in Mutare.


Lovemore Chiputu (28) on Tuesday appeared before Mutare magistrate Prisca Manhibi facing a charge of attempted stock theft.

He was sentenced to eight months behind bars, three months of which were, however, suspended on condition of good behaviour for the next five years.

The remaining five months were commuted to 175 hours of community service at a school in Hobhouse, Mutare.

It is the State’s case that on October 3, the complainant, Phillip Mukucha’s five goats were secured into a pen.

On the same day, the accused hatched a plan to steal the complainant’s goats at Plot 1, Weirmouth in Mutare.

Mukucha heard noise coming from the goat pen and went to investigate and saw the accused person wearing a blue underwear and red vest.

The convict got out of the goat pen and struck the complainant on the right hand with a stone before running away from the scene.

He left behind two pairs of black tracksuit bottom, black sun hat, one pair of slippers and a cellphone.

The complainant took the exhibits to the police, leading to Chiputu’s arrest two days later.


  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, this guy did want to steal the goats, he had a different mission altogether. why did he remove his cloths to steal a goat/s , Nada, ndaramba. Bestiality

  2. he did not want to steal the goats, he wanted to have a good time with the goats. He was caught still removing his cloths. If he was given another 5-10 minutes without being interrupted, the case will have been different in court

  3. Beware the goat shaggers of Mutare!

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