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Bury Mugabe’s brutal legacy: US urges govt



THE United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has urged government to bury the late former President Robert Mugabe’s legacy of brutality and bring to book those responsible for human rights violations.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has come under local and international pressure following reports of the alleged abduction of Peter Magombeyi, leader of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, on Saturday evening by suspected State security agents.

His whereabouts are unknown.

The US Foreign Relations committee, a standing committee of the Senate charged with leading foreign policy legislation, weighed in condemning the abduction and other rights violations.

“Reminiscent of tactics under Mugabe, assailants are terrorising critics of Zanu PF through abductions, beatings and torture. As Zimbabwe prepares to lay to rest former President (Robert) Mugabe, so should it bury its late leaders’ brutal legacy and prosecute those responsible for these crimes,” the US committee tweeted.

The call comes as anti-riot police yesterday cordoned off Bulawayo’s Large City Hall in the city in reaction to social media reports that local activists were planning to stage a protest over Magombeyi’s abduction.

However, the call posted on social media proved to be a false as it was business as usual in the central business district.

Vigils, however, continue at Mpilo Central and United Bulawayo hospitals as medical practitioners seek divine intervention over their leader’s abduction, Southern Eye established during a visit on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations official Reverend Sikhalo Cele said during the vigil attended by Southern Eye: “This situation is deeply worrying because none of the reported cases of abduction and torture have been successfully investigated and prosecuted. The situation is further disturbing because there is government communication suggesting that there is a possibility of a third force.”

Bulawayo civic society activists and the opposition have also attended the vigils, with Zapu going further to call for rolling protests to register anger over Magombeyi’s abduction, which the Zanu PF-led government blames on a “third force”.

Zapu said people should take to the streets to register their discontent with the Zanu PF regime.

“We call upon Zimbabweans to come out in the streets and show this regime that we have had enough of their intolerance,” the Zapu southern region said in statement yesterday.

“Protests, demos, strikes and other mass actions are an integral part of a democracy. They give a voice to the masses. They alert the government that the masses are not happy. They are not West-sponsored regime change agendas.”

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