Jim Kunaka attacked, loses US$2 000

NOTORIOUS former Zanu PF terror group, Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka was yesterday attacked by four assailants and robbed of US$2 000.


The attack, according to the former Zanu PF youth leader, occurred at the corner of Seke Road and Masotsha Ndlovu Way in Harare.

“The attack was not about money, I believe there was another agenda. Nobody knew I was carrying such money,” he said.

“I drove from Mbare to Seke Road to meet my cousin whom I wanted to give some money. I was then approached by a man who first greeted me and then dragged me out of the car. He searched the car and took away US$2 000, while his accomplices attacked me with empty beer bottles. They got into their getaway car, a Caravan kombi, and sped off.”

Some Good Samaritans tried to track the robbers without success. Kunaka reported the matter at Braeside Police Station under IRB number 4080160.

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  1. good, i hope they attackers gave you a good taste of your own medicine, happy days !!!

    1. What goes around comes around! Justice!

  2. And we expect God to bless this nation when people have such vengeful spirits. No forgiveness in their hearts and yet we want God to forgive our non-repenting hearts. Sure how can you be happy about his beating even though he did wrong in the past. Repent my brothers God wont heal this nation with such hearts

    1. im very happy about his beating, i do hope it was quite a thorough beating. I cannot stop smiling, knowing that he got what he deserved, excellent !!!

    2. A murderer who never announced that he has refrained from his old ways, akanzwa butter plus ZRP should ask questions about the origin of his loot.

  3. Someone must castrate this boy!!

  4. Comment…tough luck

  5. Chipangano Victim

    If it is illegal to transact in forex why is that boy still out of police cells. He should be behind bars doing time.

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