Systematising your success

Jonah Nyoni


HUMAN beings that are successful are those that have created a master plan for their lives.

Those master plans make them to focus their energies, efforts, thoughts and resources.

Most people are poor and unsuccessful, not because of what life has thrown at them, but because they have nothing to give to life.

Their life activities are anything that comes by, unplanned and scattered all over.

In this column, I am introducing you to a simple way of life, yet so effective and impactful to you and those around you.

In reality, success if hinged on a clear and well spelt personal system.

What is a system?

It is how you arrange, scheme, structure, or organise your life.

It is something you follow everyday, not occasionally. It’s something that might bring pain, because you have to drop old habits and create or pick new ones that will re-structure, re-programme and re-ignite your life.

Audacious goals

Success is built around a goal.

A goal is a target, an aim or an object you want to accomplish, or something you want you achieve.

Seat down, and think the kind of a life you want. Take time off from the noise and busyness brought by routine activities.

Take a day off to build your life. Remember, when you want to build a strong house, you first start with a foundation.

Have these goals written. These goals must bring meaning to your life. They must be aligned to how you are intrinsically wired.

These goals must be specific. Don’t just have a mantra.

Your goals should give us figures.

For example: The dates as to when you want to achieve it.

The amount of money you want to have. The specific number of people you will need to achieve that goal.

Your goal must be challenging. This means it must challenge you to think big.

It takes you out of your everyday normal activities to a new pattern. To change your direction, you must take a new route.

To change results, you must change the way you have been doing things. You can’t keep your old habits and expect change to come from somewhere. Life does not work like that.

Your goals must be flexible.

This means you must not keep walking up an old path that is not leading anywhere.

Flexibility means you are pliable to change, adaptive to new innovations and adoptive of new and fast means of having results.

In addition, be willing to learn everyday of your life. You are learning other new means on how others have done it, including what not to do.

Your goal must be exiting. It must pump adrenaline into you. What’s that thing you can die for? The very thing you can do everyday?

The very thing that gives you sleepless nights, not because you are stressed, but that it stretches you to do more. What’s that exiting thing?

Most people go for complicated things, and avoid the simple that they love. There are simple things that you don’t need so much effort to accomplish.

What are you talented in it? What gives you the juices to keep moving in life? Now, I want you to do a practical thing: List all your natural abilities, talents or gifts.

Your goals must be value adding to you and others. Look for simple means that make you add value in others. How do you feel when you give a smile to that kid without a mother or father? Everything that makes you melt with compassion, will make you to want to help people solve problems and help them in becoming better.

Your goals must be purpose-driven. What do you want to achieve with your goal? Most people would say; I want more money.

That might be fine, but do you know that some people rob banks to have money and yet still not be fulfilled? So, money alone should not be end goal, but influence or significance and meaning.

Your goal must be balanced. Your goal must improve your social life, family life, finances, relationships and spirituality, among others.
Growth master plan

Goals are important, but they must be accompanied by how you are going to grow as an individual. Don’t expect the company to make you better. The company might not even change your life.

Grow everyday. Grow your skills, career, relationships, business, finances, spirituality, health and cognition. So, have a personal growth master plan. Action it, until its ingrained into your habits. If you can master your habits, you can also master your life.

Parting point: Your success is hidden in a particular system; your personal system. These are your habits. Create a system that will turbo-charge you. Action plan: List things that you want to achieve in the next ten years. List all of them until you have exhausted these.

In doing that, switch yourself off from all external noises such as your cell phone and internet, just for a day. This will set your plan and goals. For a while, disconnect yourself from people, and plan for your life. People without plans will always work for those with goals.

Finally, create a daily growth programme. How many books are you going to read per month? Which are those books for a start? Who are you going to engage to help you grow? This could be a mentor, coach or adviser. Simply have goals and grow!