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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption crusade has widened rifts in Zanu PF with some bigwigs in the ruling party accusing him of dumping them despite playing key roles in his ascendency to power.


Mnangagwa has promised tough action on graft and Tourism minister Priscah Mupfumira was last Friday charged with corruption involving $95 million siphoned from State pension fund, National Social Security Authority (NSSA). She is the first senior government official to be interrogated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) under a new leadership which was appointed by Mnangagwa recently.

Mupfumira’s arrest by Zacc followed the release by Zanu PF youths of a list of senior party and government officials they alleged were corruption kingpins. The list, that included Mupfumira, had several names of party heavyweights such as Obert Mpofu, Joram Gumbo and Jacob Mudenda. The youths, believed to have the blessing of Mnangagwa, have threatened to release more names.

The naming and shaming of party bigwigs, the failure by Mnangagwa to defend them and the arrest of Mupfumira has sent shock waves in the party, with officials alleging that the President was using the crackdown on graft to get rid of potential sources of political trouble for him.

“This corruption thing is a new political battleground,” one top official said.

“The President thinks he will earn public support, but, in fact, by arresting some top people who put their political lives on the line for him, this is now dividing the party. Top officials are now unsure of what is happening in the party. They feel they will be targeted too.”

The source added: “Some officials are meeting to find the best way to respond to this. They believed that if ever the President was sincere about fighting corruption, he should start in his own backyard, including arresting his own children and cartel leaders around him. Anything short of that is political targeting.”

According to the officials, most top party members feel let down because they sacrificed their political lives to support Mnangagwa when he was hounded out of the party, government and country by former President Robert Mugabe.
Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe following a coup in November 2017 and party members are contemplating ganging up against him for failing to support them.

“They are saying Mnangagwa only thinks about himself and his family and no one else. They feel Mnangagwa is poor at protecting those who sacrifice for him, something they felt Mugabe was good at,” the source said.

“The party bigwigs all have skeletons in their cupboards, but believe Mnangagwa himself is not clean from corruption and so are his children. They said he is sacrificing others for his political life. If he is serious about corruption, why doesn’t he start with those people directly linked to him who plundered command agriculture and fuel funds.”

The sources added there is a growing consensus among some Zanu PF top chefs that Mnangagwa was a “selfish” leader and the sooner he is shown the exit door, the safer they will be.

Their concerns validate claims by the MDC at the weekend that they were working with some Zanu PF legislators in a plot to impeach Mnangagwa.

Former minister and Zanu PF secretary for administration, Mpofu and Labour minister Sekai Nzenza yesterday dared Zacc to arrest them, claiming they were clean.

Mpofu described his accusers as lunatics and that he had nothing to hide.

“No one has phoned me or asked me, but I am ready for anything because I know I have not done anything wrong and it will be proven whatever needs to be proven. I have nothing to worry about. It is just wishful thinking by some lunatics,” he told NewsDay in a telephone interview.

Nzenza, who was at the weekend reported to have fled the country to avoid arrest, yesterday at a Press conference, said: “I have a job to deliver and will not listen to nonsensical weekend stories on social media.

“Ask those who are saying I am under investigation; for what? I have nothing to hide. They can go on and investigate me. I am not dwelling on nonsensical stories. I have a mandate to deliver to ensure that money entitled to NSSA is managed properly within best practice of governance,”

At the weekend, Information secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana denied that the corruption hunt was a political exercise.


  1. Imi! They didn’t sacrifice their political lives at all. They did their maths and saw that kwanga kwava nema benefits nde uku that’s all….so they mustn’t cry now and make it sound like a national problem. A decent wage, magetsi, fuel and running water are the priorities of the rest of us mufunge

  2. But even if they sacrificed their lives for Mnangagwa, can it be an excuse for being corrupt? Yes lets say Mnangagwa is not clean, so can he let go the bigwigs to do whatever they want until he cleanses himself. He is the president he must start doing something regardless of where to start. The bigwigs must stop milking the country, in fact any corrupt figure is a murderer because lets take for an example the 95 million embezzled from NSSA, if that money was used to procure medicine and medical equipment that would have saved so many lives. That money was enough to procure electricity and avoid load shading, the load shading of which is causing death of people in hospitals in a number of ways, death of industries, death of winter cropping etc. So all corrupt figures must be hanged because in a of ways they have caused the death of innocent people.

  3. Zanu Pf bigwigs please shut up! You were warned many times to stop destroying the country’s economy but you did not listen. You even went on to threaten the source of warning and now you are threatening Mnangagwa because he is fighting corruption, what kind of mentality is that? Please guys, do not lie, Mnangagwa was always poised to take over from the aged former head of state constitutionaly and you must know that fact. After he took over from uncle bob he was again voted into office by us zimbabweans and we believed he was brave enough and capable of tackling corruption which is exactly what he is doing. Mnangagwa can only be shown the exit by those who voted for him not corrupt and destructive greedy and selfish individuals. The accusations of selective application of justice cannot be talked about since only one minister has been taken in so please cool down. For those who think they can impeach Ed for fighting graft, it simply exposese your fear of being caught up in the blitz because you are involved.

  4. The corrupt ones should be arrested;why do they need Mnangagwa’s protection for doing wrong? So this story also suggests that the MDC wants to work in cahoots with criminals from ZANU PF to impeach Mnangagwa;what double standards – somebody must be too desperate to rule kkkkk.

    • So you were busy supporting Mnangagwa because you wanted to loot our resources, mbavha dzevanhu Mnangagwa deal with these idiots .

    • The problem is everyone in Zanu (Pf) is corrupt including Mnangagwa himself. How can thieves arrest each other? If you cant participate in corrupt activities; you are against the party line. To be a comrade is to be a thief and to be a thief is to become a comrade. VIVA ZANU, pasi ne mhanduuuu

  5. Chinonzi “Chachaya, kana kuti “Chakhala” . It is time of reckoning. So MDC would like to partner “thieves” from ZANU PF who wants to run away from facing the wrath of the law for their corrupt activities and impeach a person who wants to eradicate corruption, what a pity. That is desperation desperado. Regai mbavha dzivharirwe. I tell you some are already shitting in their pants right now as they can forsee the train coming for them.

    MDC, the last thing I would expect from you is to come out and support this activity to show that you do not condone corruption

  6. Zimbabwe ingadayi iri pamberi pe South Africa asi ma criminals iwaya vagara vachitora mari yose ye hurumende vachiita zvavanoda nayo, unowona munhu ayita Minister nhasi, 5 months avakuvaka 30 bedroom mansion, mari yacho ayiwana kupi, ko iro zimba racho anomboridiyi. Ndopaunowona kuti ma zimbabweans hatina hanya nevamwe. Ngavasungwe, vanhu vanoziva havana kuperevedza, vanoda kubuda mu party ngavabude asi vanosungwa chete. ndinovimba President havasikuzo dududza panya ya iyoyi yekusungwa kwe mbavha idzi.

  7. a step in the right direction but we expect it to be above board. clean all including these people who think they can mess around in the Zanu PF name for protection. Time we move on for the betterment of the country and all

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