ED to probe ‘corrupt’ bigwigs

ZANU PF bigwigs, ministers and business people fingered in alleged acts of corruption by the youth league are facing an uncertain future after President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he would set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the named officials.


At a tense politburo meeting yesterday, there were alleged attempts to censure the youth league leaders for accusing senior party members, including secretary of administration Obert Mpofu, Environment minister Prisca Mupfumira, Policy Implementation minister Joram Gumbo for corruption.

But Mnangagwa backed the youth and said the commission of inquiry will look into the allegations for the purposes of taking action.

Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the decision was unanimous.

“His Excellency the President and first secretary in view of this development will constitute a commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations presented by the youth league, this was unanimous,” he said oyo.
The politburo refused to swipe the issue under the carpet, instead saying those who were accused should clear their names before the commission.

“The youth league Press conference was debated extensively centring mainly on corruption. Several members of the politburo made their observations and contributions. While the youth may not have followed procedure in issuing their statement on Monday, there was urgent need to pronounce at all levels zero tolerance on corruption,” Moyo said.

“This cancerous malady called corruption must be eradicated once and for all. Appropriate measures must be taken to clean the party and the nation at large of massive corruption. This of course includes government and the private sector.”

Mpofu, who was harassed by the youths in the morning at his ninth floor offices at the party headquarters as they tried to eject him, was allowed to continue reporting for work until the commission finishes its investigations.

Sources said Mpofu was angry and threatened to throw out of the window a number of youth members who besieged his office demanding that he leaves until he clears his name from corruption allegations levelled against him.
Moyo said the youth had apologised for jumping the gun and would now allow the commission to do its work.

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  1. Conway Tutani is Captured

    I suspect its a ZPF way of pretending to be doing
    All is stage managed
    Has been public knowledge that these individuals and many others including number 1 are chief drivers of corruption
    So way to go is create a commission of inquiry that will ultimately absolve the “cadres” of any wrongdoing. Only one or two small fish will be sacrificed and we press the repeat button
    I dont believe this is going to work… It will not work. Simple

  2. the bigwigs and there children including ED

  3. 1. Munganagwa to fight corruption
    2. Munganagwa to shame forex externalizes
    3. Munganagwa to act on reforms
    4. Munganagwa to improve economy
    5. Munganagwa to ….
    Its always Munganagwa to…, and not ‘Munganagwa has already’

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