Kombi driver blames religion for passenger’s death


A HARARE commuter omnibus driver who allegedly caused the death of his passenger after he was involved in an accident when he passed a red traffic light yesterday said the Johane Marange sect, where he is a member, forbids him from seeking a medical certificate to drive public transport vehicles.

Joshua Sendani (30) was asked by prosecutor Caroline Mutimusakwa if he had a medical certificate which allows him to drive a passenger vehicle.

He told magistrate Richard Ramaboa that his sect does not allow him to seek medical attention.

The mgistrate then told Sendani that his religious beliefs do not exempt him from the laws of the country.

Sendani, however, blamed the accident on brake failure.

But his conductor told the court that when he was involved in the accident, the accused had passed through three other red traffic lights.

The trial continues today.

Allegations are that on November 16 last year, Sendani was driving a Toyota Hiace due north along Msasa Road turning right into Mutare Road. It is alleged the other motorist was driving a lorry which was pulling a trailer.

The State alleges the lorry had the right of way at the traffic lights-controlled intersection and its driver applied brakes and swerved to the right to avoid collision with Sendani’s vehicle.

He, however, went on to hit Sendani’s vehicle, injuring 15 people in the kombi, while one passenger, Tendai Dhliwayo, died.

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