Industry 5.0: The future is here


By Audrey Mutasa

As Africans, we have not really paid attention to Industry 5.0, but it’s an evolution directing towards closer cooperation between man and machines. An opportunity has arisen, for the youths to engage and share ideas on future development, which rarely happens.

Youth Time International Movement will host its 5th Annual Global Conference in Amsterdam from 2-6 December, engaging youths from all over the world to participate in civic responsibility for a sustainable future.

This year’s conference will be focusing on Inclusive Development and Industry 5.0, with the help of a diverse range of field experts and industry leaders that will equip youths with the necessary tools to adapt successfully to modern conditions.

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The application window is open till the 1st of June for both project presenters and participants who are between the ages of 20-35years. Project Presenters will also compete for the Youth Time Idea Grant (10.000 EUR), fully funded scholarships to study in leading business schools in Europe and South-East Asia, and paid internship.

Inclusive development’s focal point is monitoring if development progress is sufficiently widespread for the majority of the population to benefit. It equally values and incorporates the contributions of all stakeholders including marginalized groups in addressing development issues, in this case the youths who want to make a change in their communities.

The conference gives the youths a platform to learn from others and collaborate on ideas that are universal and most of all that entirely share a common goal of improving the state of affairs from different countries. Youth Time International Movement will expose many to knowledge that will allow them to implement what I already have as an idea.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is the future. Its priority is to utilize efficiently workforce of machines and people, in synergy environment. It goes back from virtual environment and systematic prevention of waste and wasting including industrial upcycling.

This is an opportunity for youths to spend an exciting week in one of Europe’s tech hubs, the city of Amsterdam, with over 100 participants, experts and trainers from all over the world, and gain invaluable new skills, knowledge and experiences that will serve as a solid foundation for your future entrepreneurial & professional endeavours.