AMHVoices: Zanu PF has no intentions of solving Zim challenges

AS long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah State ruled by corrupt and vote-rigging people, there will be no meaningful economic recovery, that is a fact.


If the nation is spending 44% of its income on food imports alone, then there will be very little left for other basic necessities such as accommodation, clothing, transport and medicine, among others. Such things as education, savings, investing in new infrastructure and other long-term investments are luxuries the nation cannot afford at the moment. It is naive to keep talking of national economic recovery under these conditions.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube and the regime keep wittering about economic recovery and yet have not done anything to end the corruption and the country’s reputation as a pariah State.

Zanu PF will never deal with the country’s teething problems because the regime sees corruption as a necessary evil that helps them stay in power. Zanu PF must be forced to step down!

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  1. Most African Dictators believed that providing even the most basic of needs shelter, food education health and especially TV is westernisation or Eurocentric thus an evil to their subjects. Mobuto of Zaire comes to mind. A lot of current ruling revolutionary parties still hold high that belief anyone who demand those basic services is an element of regime change hence an enemy of the State.

  2. This is more of social media, rather journalism stuff. Unnecessarily emotional and sensational. This is pathetic!

  3. What do you mena ZANU PF must be forced to step down ? I didn’t vote for ZANU PF, the election dispute reached the High Court and the results were upheld – hence ZANU PF is in charge until the next election – people still want ZANU PF,so they get ZANU PF, the voter has the power and they gave it to ZANU PF…no other transfer of power is acceptable, no matter how bad the economy gets.

    1. And how did Ed get into power from Mugabe? Because Ed is now in power then any means of removing him become illegal. Some of us are not fools

  4. We all have our own opinions and yours seems far from reality and more of an emotional rant. Stick to journalism.


    Don’t be anti government always, try to proffer some solutions rather than telling us of rigging and the like which in essence is a fundamental tool in politics. At the end it would depict your cluelessness. ZANU PF from the unfolding of events is trying by all means to place the economy on path, lets support

  6. An honest , sincere and impartial effort by the government to attack corruption is all that is required for the country to turn the corner. However, I suppose that is too much to hope for.
    The snouts are firmly entrenched in the feed trough.

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