Sandy embarks on weight loss

Sandra Ndebele


BULAWAYO songbird Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele took to social media to announce that she has embarked on a programme to shed off excess weight in preparation for the launch of her album and a whirlwind tour.

Sandy also revealed that she would be doing this as part of a health check programme as she adopts a new lifestyle.

“A weight loss journey has begun; watch the space, Woza 2019. Siyabangena #mummysgoals,” she said on her Facebook page.

In a follow-up interview with NewsDay Weekender, Sandy said she easily gets tired so she needed to lose weight in preparation for her tour.

“This body now easily gets tired and I am doing this for my health. I am short and this shows I am obese. It is also good to exercise as one will look good and younger,” she said.

“I am also in preparation for my album launch next year, for which I will embark on tours. I started exercising at the beginning of this year and I’ve lost 4kg and my target is to attain 67kg. I am on a weight loss diet and I have a trainer.”

Ndebele said she feared her bums would become much heavier in old age.

“Exercising will become my lifestyle and I will not give up on it. When I am now a granny, I fear my bums will have a bearing on me, as they will be heavier. I fear I may also suffer from back aches,” Sandy added.

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  1. could have been nice to know what her current weight is, and her length to check her BMI

    1. Iwe a human being is measured in terms of height not length. Chava chimuti or a piece of string chinonzi length.

      1. Ha ha yes you are right. on a lighter note do we still use height when someone is sleeping or length.

  2. Is it really newsworthy?
    Especially considering we never read how she was putting on weight. I’m sure you’ll begin to tell us that she’s going to the toilet and what business she’s doing there!

    Thought we would hear something like “Sandra has donated $$$ towards the Cyclone Idai victims”

  3. How is this even news…Zvakangofanana ne kunyora kuti Sandra Ndebele goes to the toilet

  4. Perhaps hubby has started complaining. All the same, it is good for her health.

  5. Newsday mashaya nyaya here????? Who cares about her weight. Nxaa.

  6. All she has to do is to take off those weave-ons. Sure they are about 15kg.

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