No to ‘meaningless’ dialogue: Chamisa


OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said he would not be bulldozed into “a meaningless dialogue” with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, vowing that any talks with the Zanu PF leader to resolve the current political stand-off would only start after government has stopped the arbitrary arrests and persecution of his party members.

But Mnangagwa, addressing foreign diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe at State House yesterday, took a dig at the youthful opposition leader, accusing him of being “immature” and playing to the gallery by spurning his recent offer to kick-start the negotiations.

Speaking during a public lecture in Harare to celebrate the life of the late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Chamisa said he would also only agree to dialogue with Mnangagwa after identification of a neutral arbiter and venue.

Chamisa told the public lecture that his party was prepared to use its political muscle through demonstrations, where all its supporters countrywide would descend on Harare and demand dialogue to discuss Mnangagwa’s legitimacy and genuine electoral and political reforms.

“The dates of the demonstration will come, but we want this country to be peaceful and prosperous. But that has to be done on account of dialogue and we have said we need dialogue on these issues,” he said.

“If Mnangagwa is not willing to dialogue, we will have to invite him to dialogue through political pressure. In terms of the Constitution, we have a democratic right to demonstrate. We will have to bring everyone to Harare and this is the mother of all demonstrations. This country must be liberated.

“We continue on the same path led by Tsvangirai. I have refused to have my victory stolen by Mnangagwa. We are not going to stop, we are going after him until he lets go of what he stole. He has to return what is ours.”

But Mnangagwa, who last week held an indaba with a majority of last year’s presidential aspirants minus Chamisa, reiterated his call for dialogue among political players, adding that those refusing to co-operate were “playing with the people’s lives”.

“All the presidential candidates, who have the maturity and sense of leadership joined us. I call on those who refuse to take part in the national dialogue to stop grandstanding and playing games with the lives of the people of Zimbabwe,” Mnangagwa said.

“I will remain a listening President. My arms are outstretched and my door is open. We hear your criticism, and when it is fair, the insights are noted or implemented.”

Mnangagwa accused a hidden “foreign hand” of sponsoring last month’s violent protests, which broke out after he announced a 150% fuel price hike.

To quell the protests, which had turned into an orgy of arson and looting, government unleashed the military and police, who allegedly fatally shot at the protesters and left 17 people dead and dozens others injured.

Yesterday, Mnangagwa said he was still probing allegations that the military abused civilians.

“Any evidence of rogue police officers or soldiers taking the law into their own hands will be dealt with and they will face the full force of the law,” Mnangagwa said.

“The demonstrations were, therefore, neither civil nor peaceful and were bent on effecting a regime change. I urge you to give the new Zimbabwe a chance. Stand with us. Stand with us as we toil to chart a new course for our nation, for the people of Zimbabwe.”

This came as Chamisa threatened to unleash a humongous demonstration against the Zanu PF government, despite threats of another military crackdown.

“The ZCTU [Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions] is our mother. They called for a peaceful stayaway and when it was very successful, they blamed the sins of the mother on the child. You will see us when we call our own. Very soon, we are calling for one, we are going there,” he said.

Chamisa, who has refused to recognise Mnangagwa’s victory in last year’s presidential poll, said he would mobilise his supporters to march against gun-toting security forces.
“Are we afraid to die? We are not. We are already dead. Do we fear getting injured? We are already hurt. Are you afraid that these people will finish you? They can’t finish us, we are many. It’s us who will finish them,” he said.

Chamisa reaffirmed his desire to retain his post at the MDC elective congress slated for October.


  1. President that is the way to go. We need to announce the date in time, ask for transport from well wishers or lets start pulling resources together by means of donations through ecocash or bank account, coordinate from district level. Let it be inclusive of ZCTU, Citizens,church, ordinary people there is power in numbers.Anyone who exhibits any form of violence or intent must be handed over to authorities.Chinhu chavo chaora!

  2. mr jecha hardheaded ko kungobvuma wakajiwa and move on nyika yakaroorwa na Ed asi iwe wakarambwa ungachachemera mukadzi wemunhu akutogaro……..

  3. Demos will only open up a platform for looting n violence, a dialogue is not necessarily useless, the USA is calling for one to materialize in Zim. Lets give Zimbabwe a chance after all its our country n we can not manage to be on demos until elections, we need production and families need to survive in a functional eco that’s all we need from u Politicians don’t u get it.

  4. Taneta nazvo izvi and all it seems to be benefiting is you.

  5. Am thrilled to understand that my President NC is very much willing and continue to invite Mr ED to dialogue. This is the solution, lets dialogue and i concur with Mr Chamisa and the USA for the need of a neutral facilitator of dialogue. Be it local, regional or international the facilitator must be neutral. After dialogue fails then we can think of other means of forcing the regime to dialogue.

    1. We are not in any crisis dudes!! why do we need a middleman? We have no crisis in zim. The purpose of dialogue isnt political but economic. Just for the prez to get an aprisal from his political foes on their thoughts on the direction towards V2030. Anything outside this will be a blatant lie to yourselves. Handei tione hanti munozviti vechidiki? dupukai tione! ED Pfeeeeeeeeee

  6. I dont really know what Chamisa’s problem is? The President called for a national dialogue, and you are calling it meaningless,does he really want to resolve the political differences that exist between the political parties or he is after something? Political leaders shld swallow their pride for the betterment of Zimbos…

  7. No better result after demo but more poverty. Dialogue is the best answer.This land is not for ED and Chamisa.

  8. cheap grandstanding will not help us in any way mr chamisa..THERE is need to dialogue without you you putting stringent conditions to please your foreign masters .

  9. the president won the elections and he must govern without this dialogue with the immature. In any case why should ED worry about an immature person. He must go ahead with 21 other mature participants who garnered 0.05 % collectively among them in the July 2018 elections while the immature only managed a tiny 56%.

  10. Its strange that we have mature people who hero worship this young, upcoming dictator called Chamisa. He thinks he a force to reckon with, a man who came through the back door and thinks we are all blind… To hell with poor Khamisa

  11. Like or hate Chamisa,the young man is a force of reckon and carries the hope of many.ane bhora ndiye anomakwa.

  12. Comment…ane bhora ndiED ndosaka Chanyiswa neAmerica vakuchemera dialogue.Chanyiswa is a spent force,just a matter of he will be in the dustbin…

  13. Go NC Go NC Zanupf yakajaidzwa kubira maElections for many years enough is enough.

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