‘Mtukudzi died a bitter man’

THE late music icon and national hero Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi died a bitter man after the Bindura Municipality frustrated his dream to set up an arts centre in his Madziwa rural home in the mould of Pakare Paye to empower youths in this rural outpost, it has emerged.


Tuku died in Harare on Wednesday last week and was buried at his rural home on Sunday after he was unanimously declared a national hero by the Zanu PF politburo.

The Mtukudzi family spokesperson, Victor Rukainga, told mourners at Tuku’s burial that the music superstar died a bitter man after failing to secure land
from the Bindura municipality.

“My uncle told me that his desire was to help talented youths in arts by setting up an arts centre here in Madziwa. I accompanied him to Bindura municipality and talked to council authorities, but we were directed to a place that was not suitable as his wish was to build the arts centre along the highway,” he said.

“He even proposed to set it up at a place where there was a dysfunctional swimming pool, but the Bindura Municipality refused again.”

Rukainga said by denying Tuku’s request, the municipality denied young people in Mashonaland Central an opportunity to see their dreams come true.

Rukainga said Tuku was passionate about his roots, something reflected in his song, Ndafunga Dande. If the Bindura Municipality had granted Tuku’s wish, the proposed arts centre would have become the musician’s second after Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton, where young promising talent in the mould of
Mbeu, Tsvete, Munya Mataruse and Donald Kanyuchu has been raised.

Meanwhile, it was a befitting send-off for Tuku as thousands of mourners across the spectrum thronged his homestead to pay their last respects to the artiste who was buried on Sunday.


  1. it only shows how difficult it is to do business in Zim

  2. the problem is all key institutions are filled with retrogressive minds who have robbed the country the right to flourish due to their lack of foresight.

  3. bindura councillors are like that. i remember last time when i went there to ask for a proof that i was coming from mashonaland central province whilst i wanted to apply for a fishing permit because in kariba they said for you to apply u have to bring te letter from the provincial administrator and it must be signed and stamped but they refused. so thats i also learnt that these guys doesnt want to c us as youths progressing.

  4. Va Rukainga anhu ava havatide hatizive kuti toddii kuti timire ne province yedu vanoda zveuori chete. but we cant build the country nehuori. thanks sekuru. chero vazvinzwa

  5. Shithole people make s shithole country, I say this as a man who has been to other countries. this is huge sign of lacking professionalism.

  6. Depends on whether or not Tuku’s wish was in line with town planning standards. Surely they must have given him reasons for not approving development in the intended place.

  7. That’s the reason why you see Mashonaland Central province being the worst underdeveloped province in Zimbabwe. You can hardly find a suitable place for refreshment along all the high ways that are poorly developed also as compared to other high ways linking Harare and Mutare we Have the Half way centre among others where one can stop and refresh themselves, Harare Bulawayo several refreshment points, Harare Masvingo countless points like the Mvuma refreshment point now a hive of activity. Just a few to mention in other provinces whilst in Mashonalamnd Central we remain in bushes now being turned into deserts, you wonder if the responsible authorities use brains or they are like octopus hey hey!!!!

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