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MDC camps close ranks


THE internal power struggles rocking the opposition MDC party led by Nelson Chamisa exploded at the weekend with the dissolution of two external structures of the party, NewsDay has learnt.


A national executive committee meeting set for Friday was reportedly abandoned after members boycotted in anger over attempts to expel deputy president Elias Mudzuri.
Sources said the meeting was then moved to Saturday where it was held concurrently with the national council.

“The agenda was to fire Mudzuri, but this failed because members of the national executive stayed away. In fact, at the time the meeting was supposed to start only one member outside the standing committee, Gilbert Shoko from Bulawayo, was there,” an insider told NewsDay.

“The national council itself had problems with numbers, because we had to rely on apologies to get a quorum. Still, the open hostility towards the push for Mudzuri’s ouster was so real that the issue was never brought for a vote in the national council.”

While Mudzuri seems to have survived the chop, at least for now, Chamisa’s supporters reportedly ring-fenced the 40-year-old leader against possible challenge at the party’s forthcoming congress scheduled for next year. The MDC’s United Kingdom chairperson, Tonderai Samanyanga, reportedly circulated a WhatsApp message criticising Chamisa, drawing the ire of the party leader’s acolytes.

“The UK and United States provinces were subsequently dissolved and for the former, it is because its chairman Samanyanga criticised ‘chef’ (Chamisa). The party also moved to adopt a social media policy on Saturday to curtail the incessant onslaught on the president ahead of congress. It’s a way of stemming the tide, as it were,” said the source.

Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume, however, denied Mudzuri’s issue was ever on the agenda.

“Yes, we moved the national executive meeting to Saturday and held it at the same time as the national council, but not because of numbers. The standing committee meeting held on Friday took too long, and we wanted to allow people to attend the presidential Christmas dinner,” Mafume told NewsDay.

He added: “The Mudzuri issue is a footnote in the greater scheme of things. Zimbabweans are struggling to make ends meet. They don’t know what tomorrow may bring, and we cannot, as a party that has people at heart, be transfixed with one person.

“The issue about vice-president Mudzuri is between him and his principal, the president. It is the president who is dealing with it, and he has told the party that he needs to give the vice-president time to explain himself.”

Mafume also confirmed that two external provinces had, indeed, been dissolved. He, however, said this was an “administrative issue”.

“It’s not political, but an administrative issue. There are things that happened pre-election and gaps had arisen, so we want to give the districts in those provinces the chance to re-configure their structures,” he added.

“The Samanyanga issue is an individual case which would be dealt with through a proper disciplinary procedure. We cannot punish two structures for the sins of one man. The two are not at all connected.”

According to sources, the social media policy will bar party members from “discussing party issues on such platforms; criticising party leadership, posting tribal and racist comments as well as off-colour comments.”

Chamisa, it has been learnt, has also tried to stop his supporters from pushing through with the national council vote to expel Mudzuri and previously secretary-general Mwonzora “because he is scared of a counter vote”.

“If he pushes for the vote and fails, then there is a real possibility that if the numbers are two-thirds against the motion to expel either Mudzuri or Mwonzora, this could immediately be turned against him. Someone could just stand up and call for a vote to remove the president. That is a distinct possibility,” said another source.

But Chamisa’s supporters argue that he is not scared of being challenged at congress.

“Mwonzora and Mudzuri will not upstage Chamisa. It’s impossible, but there are people who support Chamisa, and want to use him to get rid of the two because they see them as their rivals. They want to create space for themselves. Chamisa is aware of this, because this is a game he played very well under [founding leader] the late [Morgan] Tsvangirai,” a source close to Chamisa claimed.

Mudzuri was booed during an anti-government protest march last month after it emerged he attended a parliamentary function hosted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House. Mudzuri and Mwonzora also stand accused of “apologising” to Chief Justice Luke Malaba following the top judge’s humiliation at the hands of opposition MPs at the official opening of Parliament in September, without Chamisa’s approval.

The MDC is set to hold an elective congress next year, with some demanding that it be held in March. But Mafume has previously said the congress was due in October.

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    • kkkkkkk wazviona ka its like telling a person beer is bad only because its him drinking and not you….this is a mad cow party

  1. Comment…I am sitting on the teerraces, watching the circus. Fire everybody and blame z-pf, nikuv, cio, zec etc for the problems in mdc-a for the problems in the party

  2. The last time I checked, Chamisa was serving in an acting capacity following the unprecedented death of Tsvangirai.
    When was he fully mandated to intimidate his “equals” having not been fully elevated in the Congress according to the party constitution?
    Our words define our character which in turn defines our destiny – a dictator in the making!

    • He was voted substantive president until congress by the national council.In that vein he cannot be equal to his subordinates Mudzuri and Mwonzora.I think you last checked a long time ago and you are not aware of the powers and duties of the national council in between congress.

  3. Voted or not voted substantive president, are you, Muvindi, appraising the stance being taken by the Chanyiswa guy? Its interesting to note how some people acknowledge and appreciate dictatorial stances. As long as MDCA supporters can’t take this self evaluation, then the party is doomed.

    Why did he close down the external provinces in UK and America/ Why introducing the POSA and AIPA versions within the party on Social media. Those are dictatorial traits!! Where are the democratic principles introduced championed by the founders of the party? Cry the beloved MDC. The party now being hijacked by a power hungry syndicate led by Chanyiswa.

  4. Chamisa ndisekuru va R G Mugabe, because RG’s mother is from the Chamisa clan. Now we have an answer, Bob was a dictator, saka akazvitora kwasekuru.

  5. What ever you might say concerning Chamisa, he is anointed president of Zimbabwe like it or not. He must face much resistance to strengthen his calling.

  6. Annointed or not…… isu tangotiwo zimbabwe ichasunungukawo rinhi kubva muma dictator……but then answer ndeyekuti it might be never becoz we have people like amalinze. Leaders are guided by the constitution. Democracy entails freedom of speech……social media is part of it.

  7. Chamisa knows that MDC supporters are aware of his intentions to satisfy personal egos ahead of party interests and now he is finding ways of frustrating senior officials, the likes of Mudzuri and Mwonzora. by the time the party goes to congress next year, he wants to make sure other formidable contestants have been suspended so that he remains the sole candidate. democracy has died in the party his dictatorial tendencies are already showing.

  8. The democratic process should be allowed to take place.Its bad to fire people from the party simply because they want to contest for a position held by someone.we wont allow that as members n osacred cows we dont want Mugabes politics back in our political arena. if the same is done to you how do you feel .we are sympathising with u on the 52 years age limit by Zanu pf ,why doing such a bad thing to others.

  9. Chamisa and Mnangagwa are very similar – both extremely unintelligent and power hungry. Neither can “save” Zim’s economy, nor can anyone else in Zim, including Prof. Ncube whose head is full of impractical theoretical nonsense.

    Only external public funding can save Zim, and neither Chamisa nor ED can attract it.

  10. Chamisa and Company had xmas dinner vanhu vachitambura why not donate that
    money to old peoples homes vawanawo xmas. Very greed club ye MDC

  11. Chamisa chete chete, kumba kwenyu mudzimu hamudye sadza here nekuti panext door pane nhamo.

    He is the president of this country mirai muoone remember the votes he got MP and councillors hapana akaiita mavotes aipfuura aChamisa anesvinga revanhu this guy.

  12. @ Amalinze,

    AAh dude, you still believe in some anointment by some spiritual power from some papa in West Africa in this Era. It’s like believing that zvihuta mushonga and that you can grow potatoes in a bag.

    Wake up make. Nguva yafamba

  13. Believing Chamisa and MDC is like believing in some spiritual powers from some papa in West Africa. It’s all fiction no matter which way you look at it.

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