Frill-seeking MDC MPs out of tune: Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has warned his party will deal with legislators who demanded that government should buy them luxurious Land Cruiser SUV vehicles before they can approve the budget.


Chamisa said the MPs from his party had lost the map and traction of the party by seeking to greedily enrich themselves, instead of fighting for the interests of the people.

“It’s not about my position to say I am against, it’s wrong priorities, and I don’t think it’s our MPs. I am sure it’s one or two MPs who said it, but obviously, those who said it, said it out of tune with the party’s position. In fact, they have to account for why they are pursuing that. They were never sent by the people to represent themselves, but to represent their constituencies,” Chamisa said.

The youthful leader, who is currently taking a sabbatical at his rural Gutu home, said at a time doctors had downed tools and lives were at risk, it was only sensible for parliamentarians and those in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to cut on luxurious spending and channel scarce resources to critical areas.

“Mr Mnangagwa’s administration seems to take a macho approach and a hooligan approach to dealing with issues of doctors. Instead of engaging them, hearing their concerns, they want to commandeer them into command salaries, command working conditions and command economy.

These things don’t work. Command politics does not work we need to respect our doctors and our nurses. Listen to them, cut on certain other things. Why should we have chartered aeroplanes and expensive trips when we have sectors that want our priority? Why should cars, be imported? Zanu PF imported cars even at district level. If they are serious about raising resources, one car can pay more than 100 doctors because these are expensive cars. We just need to re-order our priorities and prioritise our doctors,” Chamisa said.

Teachers have also demanded that they get a salary hike to a whopping $3 000 per month from the current $280 to cushion them from recent price hikes.
They have vowed not to report for duty next year unless their demands were met.


  1. Well said brother Nelson. The MDC A-Team must introduce new politics. They must do away with the politics of greed that was introduced by ZANU PF in 1980. The MDC A must be seen to be empathetic to the longsuffering Zimbabweans.

    • but condoning selfish,ruthless actions of those intern doctors ,of leaving people dying,unattended in hospitals,only cz of money,is so shameless…THE PEOPLE THEY ARE LEAVING TO DIE ARE SIMPLY INNOCENT.

      • i hope you have gne at some point to hospitals like mpilo where without a strike doctors risk their proffessional credibility and improvise jst save lives …our leaders actually know it …thats y they get treated out of the country ….government simply needs to put the medical field as a priority …pple are simply dying coz noone cares …its the povo dying …the elite cn simply seek medical attention elsewhere …do we expect the docs to continue presiding over the deaths of people with no consience?

  2. That’s the way to go VaChamisa. MPs must stop the entitlement mentality. They are the servants of the people. How do you feel when you see your servant driving a better car than yours? Mliswa and his ZANU PF cousins see politics as a means to enrich themselves. This is why Zimbabwe is in this mess.

  3. If chamisa does not know who the mps who were advocating for luxuries are let’s tell him that the most vocal was his hwindi who took over from his constituency Hwende

  4. Comment…John Magufuli chete. MPs vazhinji vemuZimbabwe zvavanovimbisa
    vanhu mukutsvaka kusarudzwa handizvo zvavanoita kana vasarudzwa. Matauriro, kuwonekwa nemaitiro. Zvichiratidza kuti vanodisa kupinda muParamende kutsvaka NOTO chete. Zvimwezvo nemaKanzuraz. Vanenge vachivavarira pokugara uye kupiwa nzvimbo dzekuitira mabhizimusi chete. Vanodisa kutanga vatambira vasati vashanda. Mari dzeCDF dzavakapiwa tatarisana nesarudzo dzakashandeyi? Kusanganisira yamakapiwa imi vaChamisa yeKuwadzana. Yeukayi kuti makasarudzwa nevanhu kuti muve vamiririri vavo. Nekudaro, muri vanhu vevanhu. Asi imi dzokono moti vanhu vakakusarudzayi vanhu venyu, kunge makazvisarudza. Ivayi vaTungamiriri, kwete vatongi sezvazviri muno muZimbabwe.

  5. As usual Chamisa sees it fit to blame President Mnangagwa. From the beginning MDC MPs, not just one or two but all of them have been upbeat dustrurbing Parly proceedings and making sure nothibg gets done. Need he be reminded when Tabitha Khumalo got theatric? Recently Hwende admitted that MDC legislators chose to go feed themselves and missed on voting in Parly. They have been making the loudest noise oh having vehicles bought for them. They have been cheating on the electorate that voted for them. Its time MDC MPs become responsible and start representing their constituency needs as expected. Take responsibility

  6. Comment…dirty game is politics today is this tomorrow is that so what differs are party names but actions are same MDC and zanupf and all were bred from ZANU many MPs below 40 ?

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