Today’s demo unstoppable: Chamisa

THE opposition MDC yesterday said it was unfazed by threats and discouragement over today’s street protest while the police warned “some elements are planning to cause violence, disrupt the smooth flow and the peaceful environment”.


Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume, who was flanked by party leader Nelson Chamisa, his three deputies and others senior officials, said the demonstration was unstoppable as it was the desire of the suffering masses to register their displeasure at the way the Zanu PF government was running the country.

“The demonstration is a people’s demonstration. The people have demanded this demonstration; they have asked us to be able to lead from the front. Not only us, but various sectors of society and those sectors include the churches, students, civil servants, police and army, vendors and farmers will all converge here in Harare,” Mafume said.

He said they had notified the police as per provisions of the Constitution, and they are expecting the full co-operation of law enforcers, who will play their part in ensuring the smooth flow of their demonstration.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said in a statement that the police had approved the protest, but said they had gathered intelligence reports that some elements would cause violence.

“Intelligence at hand indicates that some elements are planning to cause violence, disrupt the smooth flow and peaceful environment in Harare central business district. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is on high alert monitoring the situation to ensure all those who will cause violence are dealt with according to the law,” she said.

“This information has already been communicated to the conveners. Law enforcement agents will not hesitate to arrest anyone found violating the law.”

Mafume said police were bound by the Constitution to protect demonstrators and provide safe passage for anyone who wants to freely express themselves and ensure that provocateurs are stopped in their tracks.

“The police are there to ensure that no one interferes with the constitutional rights of Zimbabweans. We are convening a peaceful demonstration. We have complied with the Constitution and we expect all State organs to also comply with the law. We are proceeding in terms of the law and not in any terms of pronouncements by any other person,” he said.

MDC national organising secretary, Amos Chibaya claimed the party had foiled a plan by Zanu PF to bus in people from as far as Uzumba and other places to cause disturbances in Harare and lay the blame on the opposition party.

“We did receive reports that Zanu PF people are coming from Uzumba and other places. We have since reported the matter to police and I am sure police will handle them because as highlighted, our demonstration will be peaceful and we will not tolerate any violence. If there is anybody who is going to engage in violence, our marshals will do what we call citizens’ arrests,” Chibaya said.

He said they would march from Africa Unity Square, proceed along Jason Moyo Avenue into Leopold Takawira Street; Samora Machel Avenue; Julius Nyerere Way and Nelson Mandela Avenue and end at the Africa Unity Square where Chamisa will address the gathering.

The party plans to hand over a petition to Parliament, listing its concerns.

Mafume said they would not allow supporters and members to wear party regalia. He said protesters should wear white as a symbol of peace and love.

“This demonstration is coming from the people; they need redress and solutions, and they need them now. The form and shape that the solutions will take is up to those who construct the political issues, but what we are clear about is this demonstration is there to express whatever Zimbabweans are feeling,” he said.

“You have seen in the rallies, the people have asked us to be on the streets with them, to express how they feel.”

However, Zanu PF deputy youth secretary Lewis Matutu rubbished claims that the ruling party had sought to infiltrate the MDC protests, saying they had better things to do as a party.

“That is ridiculous. Why would we do that?” he asked.

“They are saying they are not putting on regalia because they don’t want their people to be identified. There is no peaceful demonstration as they are saying. They believe in chaos. How will they make the country ungovernable through a peaceful demonstration?

“They will repeat the same behaviour that they are known for, but for them to then say we are mobilising people to come to Harare is just ridiculous. We don’t have time to mobilise for what they are alleging, we have better things to do to build our country,” he said.


  1. So it is going to be another gathering of those labelled as STUPID very sad, leaders be careful with a selection of your words.

    1. Listen here Chamiboy and your stupid ‘supporters’: if ZRP has cleared your silly demo, why are you grandstanding about it being stopped? You only need to remind your idiotic and totemless hoodlums to behave and all will be fine my boy!

  2. Stupid people will demonstrate and if anything goes wrong then it will be ZANU PF infiltrators. Nyaya hombe ini Chamisa ndinoda kutonga or some form of power sharing. kkkk Chamisa nemadununu ake aanoitisa zvaanoda in parliament, streets etc. Uye he can coopted vanhu in MDC like Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti etc without proper procedure

    1. When you are done smoking your weed, go to the fuel queue. Leave the people to express their views you are not God.

    2. newewo uridununu cz urikuitiswa ne zanu pf

  3. Eliasha I advise you to go for a brain scan.

  4. Saka kungofamba mutown makapfeka red muchiita noise for a few hours what will it achieve? The only demo that ever achieved anything in Zimbabwe was last year when Mugabe was removed and it worked only because the current administration had allowed it. Otherwise the truth is kungofamba asi hapana chinobuda. Vanoda endai, ini ndine zvimwe zvirinani zvekuita pa time iyoyo.

    1. Wabvunzwa nani? Ndimi zvimbwasungata zvajaira nhamo. Shame

  5. This one is a marketing gimmick as long uchiona Chamisa na Biti aripo they will hv a peaceful march kuitira kuti wagowawata wachiti thy know nothing about the 1 Augst one,its a publicity stunt meant to fool us,nhasi ma drunkuds asiyiwa ku Getto you will be seeing plenty pple in designer suits and steletos,but this will nvr influence commision outcome the chickens will come hme 2 roast,MDC planned e protests of 1 August

  6. Comment…useless Chamisa he is power .captured by US using people for his own agenda he will never be like Morgan Tsvangirai he jst useless .. zimbabwean people are suffering he using their hunger to get what he want I will never vote useless party again

  7. Maphozho Saruchera

    Demonstrations will not arm twist ED in a Government of national unity – MDC lost the election fair and square, they should wait for another chance to be defeated in 2023.

  8. Proudly Zimbabwean

    Saka zvozodii after demo, I am confused. Help please.

    1. mira ugona kuti zvozodi afetr demo kondiani aiziva kut mugabe mashefu angaende zvaitasokutamba seizvezvi

      1. KIKIKKK mondnakidza kt muri ma sides ese….i don think une party yaunosapota huya kwakarongeka kunodiwa nevanhu iwe

  9. From the above comments, mfana awonesa vamwe vanhu moto mhani.

  10. Komuredhi Eliasha

    Eliasha,Carlton,Komuredhi,and tk
    munenge munatwawo futi imi.Chii chakurwadzai kana ma”STUPID” achiratidzira?

  11. mhondi dzezanu dziku commenter pano kubva maratidza kugwadziwa kusvika pakungorotomoka muchizvibvunza, kwahi then wat after demo, why do u care wat will happen, tongai ka isu machinja todemonstrator muchamama

  12. Someone once said the Titanic was unsinkable, but it did sink, so for a pastor to say the demonstration is unstoppable is childish. Although life is tough and I have to queue for fuel, I am not that stupid to be part of the demonstration after which I will be called stupid. Who in his normal sense would leave his field in Uzumba to come and disrupt the demonstration, ndokupenga chaiko kwa Mafume. Wearing white does not mean one is peaceful but what is in one’s heart and conduct. Biti and Chamisa know that they are finished once the economy picks up, hence they would like to do everything possible to disrupt the revival of the economy as they thrive of the suffering of people. No wonder why one USA reporter equated Trump to the MDC because it is only when they are in power that they say all is well. I hate people who use high sounding words that mean nothing so that they capture people. The MDCA is boycotting parliament, sleeping on duty and then when elections are called for in 2023 they start talking of reforms and yet this is the time to engage in reforms. I wonder who will be stupid enough to leave his work to join the demonstration. I hope to see soldiers, churches, police and civil servants and any other person who is stupid enough to be accept to be called stupid and partake in the demonstration. Chamisa and Biti grow up. You are making yourself irrelevant with the childish behaviour you are undertaking.

  13. vagwere avvo, mabharanzi ezanu,, kwanzi we have better things to do, like wat? zvamakakonewa kuita ne 38 yrs wotohwa rimwe duzvi richiti new dispensation, really, haaa vamwe vanhu vane matoto efungwa

  14. proudly zimbabwean u want whose help with yo confusion? infact u are mad bcz wat cn be confusing about a demo< u are sick in the head, visit the doctor n have yo brain examined

  15. Never egen will I be stupid!

  16. the march to remove BOB from power was a collective effort that transcended party affiliation.IF CHAMISA is sincere and godly in his current endeavour ,how come its only an MDC thing as if its only them who are feeling the pinch of austerity.Everyone is suffering both ZANU PF and MDC.If it is a genuine grievance ,properly enunciated to the people then everyone will join in ndiani anoda nhamo.

  17. Guys musatamba neupenyu wepovho imi vanaChamisa munenge muripo here…….whatz opposition party in Zimbabwe?

    1. Fire… Ndiwe umwe we ZANU hausvode vhundusira vanhu. Zvanaka ndiwe nenge urimberi fut. Jangwaza remunhu

  18. pfutsek iwe humpty good, unovhundusira ani nenyanga dzako dze zizi, bhuratishit,, jangwa remunhu, ndozvozikamwa zveumhondi nxaaa

  19. Pamberi nokuenda kubasa chete kunyeperwa nekasmall Bishop.

  20. TITANIC (1912-1986)

    L Makombe wagara uri STUPID nechekare…did you ask yourself why you are going to join a fuel queue.

  21. @Anonymous- zvadzimbwa kkkkk hauna ma facts enda undovhiya mbudzi uverenge hoko dzembudzi iriyo kkkk zvituko zvemadhoti unozvifarira chaizvo kkkkk dzokorora zvawanga uchinyora uchaona kuti hapana asi kutuka chete

  22. lewis mutatu urikudya nezanu pf saka zvakadxora people deserve the ryt to demonstrate express their views pavanodira iww hatina kana basa newe gara nezanu yako wakadaro

  23. Asi chinganetsa Ed nezvevanhu varikungomachao zvavo mustreet handichione ini. Such Marches have been organised before and Ed never interfered with them. He is also a lawyer by the way. Ko chingomachaika zvenyu murugare modzokera kudzimba dzenyu. Zveeconomy we have no worries as we have been blessed with a genius called Mthuli. Let’s give him time to implement his methods and before the end of the term, most of us will be smiling. Nyaya dzekungotukana hadzina zvadzinotipa kana chii zvacho.

  24. Chamisa’s desperation for a transitional authority now showing, asi hapana hapana

  25. iwe ndozvo kubasa ugohora ma bond paper shit fokofu

  26. Zvichemo zvose the govt in place knows them all, look at the budget it only needs time for implementation, mota dzegovernment too much misuse ndokurikuperera mari zhinji especially fuel consumption, Mthuli is on track iplementation ndiyo ingangomuvhiringa

  27. endai munoratidzira ,i guess makaguta ndichamboshandira mhuri yangu ,hapana leader anouya nechikafu kuti udye learn to fend for yourselves you stupid supporters.

  28. any1 who supports zanu iduzvi renguruve

  29. vanhu we zanu pf simudzai maoko kkkkk

  30. This is all nonsensical bravado by Chamisa who is facing an existential and legitimacy crisis. Chamisa is trying to sustain his crumbling leadership of his MDC faction by diverting attention from the impending congress where he is guaranteed of losing to the likes of Mwonzora and Mudzuri. This demo has nothing to do with economic issues, but everything with energising a political career that is grinding to a halt. No blackmail nor demos will succeed in pressuring ED and ZANU PF into accommodating the losing Chamisa into Govt through the backdoor.

  31. Comment…kkkkkk pfeee muhondo

  32. muri shindi dzavanhu all who cnt see faultn of the exisisting government..cant yu all see kuti innocent citizens tirikukamiwa nehurumende yatisina kuuraya..

  33. Enough of this Evil

    After the petition, people must remain camped at Africa Unity Square until demands are met. This is our Arab spring. No going home. Vanhu vatomboungana zvavo kwakuvarega vachidzokera kudzimba? Never!!! This is our decisive moment.

  34. Nhamo haidi kujairirwa sezviri kuitwa naEliasha naNhire.Ndozvinopa kufunga kuti nyika inotongwa nemunhu akachembera saMugabe chete.

  35. From January to December, MDC Alliance is always demonstrating for nothing. If they have better solutions for the country they should put them on the table.

    As Zimbabweans we need to get our country back to its feet rather than destroying the little that we have.

  36. Do not lie that it is the people who requested for this demonstration. For the record, people are tired of being used only to be called ‘STUPID’ afterwards. These useless demonstrations have not yielded anything for the general supporters, it’s only that Chamisa and his top leadership want to maintain relevance in order to find an avenue to use to request for funding. The plan has been exposed that’s why the US and the British are issuing statements against their behaviour.

  37. Nhai Mutare-Harare yakumoita marii

  38. You’re going to wear your supporters out with these demons. you’ve been doing for years now, expecting different results each time.

    1. Warwadziwa nei? Hapana pandamboona masupporters achicomplainer. why are you crying more than the bereaved?

  39. wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  40. STUPID people never learn because they are STUPID.Let the good brains dwell on reviving the economy whilst the STUPID continue to do their fruitless demos

  41. Haa tanzwa nenhamo isu tosvikepi

    1. Saka wati demo ndoichapedza nhamo here? Anonymous uri illegitimate child akakura asina anoraira ndokusaka uchituka zvinyadzi. Ndokusaka usina zita. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Hauna hunhu uye haufunge.

  42. While it everybody’s constitutional right to demonstrate and l respect that, the opposition should engage in something that helpful at the end of the day. After a wasted day marching in town, so what? While you are doing all that, ED is busy commissioning economic projects.

    1. That’s this demo about and what have they achieved. The demo is gibberish, nonsense, baloney, claptrap, hogwash, garbage, trash, waste, foolish, silly, thoughtless, egotistic, bullshit…… to say but a few words to describe it.

  43. That’s this demo about and what have they achieved. The demo is gibberish, nonsense, baloney, claptrap, hogwash, garbage, trash, waste, foolish, silly, thoughtless, egotistic, bullshit…… to say but a few words to describe it.

  44. That’s this demo about and what have they achieved. The demo is gibberish, nonsense, baloney, claptrap, hogwash, garbage, trash, waste, foolish, silly, thoughtless, egotistic, bullshit…… to say but a few words to describe it.

  45. Makaona here ka demonstration kacho kkkkkkkk….demo vaita handiti and vaenda kudzimba but ED is still President, Zanu irikutonga chete and nothing has changed so what was the point of it all? For a demonstration to achieve anything everyone must participate and it must be done consistently. The truth is Not everyone likes or believes Chamisa, some people would never do a demo for such a cause because to them its clear kuti nothing will change and Chamisa cannot armtwist Zanu PF with current strategies. Otherwise kangori ka show kavaita.


  47. hmmmm guys kana ntiri seni hank haaa zvePolitics chaizvo chaizvo zvaramba. guys what we need is not power hungry or kurambira pachigaro, we only need peace. zvana demo or so called thank you rallies izvi zvikutipedzera maResources plus time. its like these guys are playing chess game. arikuda kuitwa checkmate hapana. its better vaite unity government rather than us suffering like this. vanoda here kut tisvore politics kut hatichadzide muno. tiite heduzve dynasty. kusvika vanhu varongeka, vave nepfungwa dzine democracy.

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