Radio DJ extends helping hand to artistes

MUSIC producer-cum-radio disc jockey PD the Ghost will tomorrow unleash a nine-track collaborative extended play project titled Trust the Process as part of an effort to empower fledgling musicians through synergies.


PD the Ghost
PD the Ghost

Born Paul Dendere, PD who co-hosts The Fixx, a hip hop show on ZiFm Stereo, with Lady K had temporarily stopped music production to focus on his radio gig but is back to influence the growth of the urban movement.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, the award-winning DJ said his aim is to assist musicians make lasting impressions with their sound by harnessing the power of collaborations.

“I realised after collaborating with lots of different talents over time that most people do not necessarily know how to make songs on their own, yet there is very little interest in collaborating locally so I decided to get back into the game and make good music,” he said.

“Collaborating makes a huge difference because it gets you known by a bigger circle and if we make music together, we go far, it happens everywhere else except Zimbabwe.”

A single off the project titled More Life which features Anashe Media Group prodigy Jazz Prosper and wheel spinner Reverb 7 is already making waves on local charts. Ads

“I am happy about how we made More Life as well as others, so now we want to make sure people get access to this good music on all online platforms and hard copies which will soon go on sell,” he said reflecting on how he came up with the project title.

“It is about my journey in the music industry because I could have put out some of the music a long time ago but it was not yet time so I trusted the process.”

Meanwhile, music lovers can prepare to hear more emerging and established voices including that of Nutty O, Courtney Antipas and Kevin Munetsi.

According to PD, plans are already in place for the follow-up projects in the build-up to an album.

“Anyone who wants to get into the next projects can hit me up but it has to be organic because I am not going to force music, it just has to flow naturally,” he said.

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