Mnangagwa is sincere – Strive

ECONET Wireless founder Strive Masiyiwa says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is “sincere” in tackling Zimbabwe’s economic crisis and called on the West to remove sanctions against the country.


Strive Masiyiwa

Mnangagwa narrowly beat his MDC Alliance rival, Nelson Chamisa in the July 30 elections, but policy missteps at the beginning of last month have seen the economy slide, characterised by shortages of basic goods and fuel, as well as random price increases due to a crippling shortage of United States dollars
However, Masiyiwa, in an interview with the CNBC news channel at an investment conference hosted by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa last Friday, described Mnangagwa as sincere in what he wanted to achieve.

“I have invested in Zimbabwe in the last 10 years, $1,5 billion, okay, and I am committed to investing in Zimbabwe as I have always been, come rain come shine. But concerning the change that has taken place, I believe it is real. I believe President Mnangagwa is sincere in the things he wants to do,” he said.

“It is going to be extremely challenging, everybody knows that. Anyone who understands economics knows it is going to be tough going, but I think that Zimbabwe needs to be given a chance. We got to stop the politicking and focus on rebuilding this country and I am right up there, okay.”

The United States government renewed sanctions on the country under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act in August this year.

The Act stipulates that the US representative at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank must vote against lending to Zimbabwe and is seen as the major stumbling block to accessing foreign funding.

There are also 141 entities and individuals in Zimbabwe, including Mnangagwa and former President Robert Mugabe, that are currently under US sanctions.
The European Union lifted most of its sanctions against the southern African nation in 2014, although it has maintained those against Mugabe and his wife Grace.

“I think the sanctions should be removed; there is no justification for them anymore. I have been on record to say the sanctions are not justified and now we are almost 20 years into the sanctions and you can’t have one country operating with its hands tied behind the back,” he said, adding the sanctions issue was affecting the entire region.

Masiyiwa, who has been out of the country for nearly two decades, said getting Zimbabwe working again was “extremely important”.

The billionaire has had a difficult relationship with the previous administration led by long time ruler Mugabe, who was forced to resign by the military in a de facto coup in November last year.

His company recently bailed out the country with a $10 million donation towards the cholera pandemic that claimed at least 54 lives.

“Getting Zimbabwe to work is extremely important and like I said, if I believe in something, I put my money there,” he said.

Masiyiwa sits on United States’s Council on Foreign Relations, but said it was difficult for him to lobby for the removal of sanctions.

“One of the things you have to be very careful about is that the US has very strict laws about lobbying over certain government laws and so you have to register yourself as a lobbyist before,” he said, adding that he will use his voice where it will be legitimately heard.

He said the new crop of African leaders was different from the old group, and that there is high level of consultation and conversation between the leaders on one hand and the business sector on the other.

He singled out Ramaphosa, praising him for listening and understanding the language of business, while describing him as a transformative leader.

He said Africa must invest in infrastructure to make it easy for the people, goods and capital to move with ease, thereby generating good conditions for investment.

“I spend most of my focus on Africa. My view is that for Africa to unlock its prosperity, it has to function and play as a single economic unit,” he said, adding African economies were still small in the global context although they are significant.

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  1. Thank you Strive for your candid honesty and patriotism. Not many of us have the courage to tell people what they don’t want to hear.

    1. Silver Samurungu

      Quite frankly, I am appalled that a self-made semi-billionaire like Mr Masiyiwa would go out of his way to curry favour with proven failed politicians such as Mnangagwa and his corrupt ZANU-PF! What sanctions is he talking about? the other day I bought Zimbabwean grown oranges at Lidl here in the UK! Were it not for aid from the UK, USA and other western countries, where would our motherland be?
      And how did Mr Masiyiwa make his millions if Zimbabwe has been under sanctions for the past 20 years?
      The truth – the sanctions Strive is crying about are targeted at corrupt ZANU-PF individuals and entities. And yet these same corrupt ZANU-PF individuals are living lives of luxury in a sea of unimaginable poverty and lack of opportunity.
      Shame on you Strive and your new ZANU-PF buddies!


    1. Very valid points NACIDO RICO. Masiyiwa has never been good at anything he sets out to do. He is not in control of Econet, a paper billionaire without influence in world affairs let alone the small village of SADC as Zimbabweans shall be shocked to find out later. He even admits so when he says he sits on the US Council of Foreign Relations but “..finds it it difficulty to lobby against hostile policies like fake sanctions against Zimbabwe. He is just a black face fronted by the real owners of Econet to loot and mop up all forex from Zimbabwe through some ponzi scheme products with no meaningful development on the ground. Why wait for cholera to happen then donate $10m after the death of scores of people instead of proactively building a formidable health infrastructure and medical facilities if your claim to having a heart for investment in Zimbabwe is genuine. Taneta nazvo izvo.

  3. The poor will remain poorer while Zanu politicians will become richer even if IMF and WORLD BANK pours money into Zim. Zanu looters are waiting to grab that chance of looting the moment IMF and WORLD BANK decide to lend money to Zim. A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL SOON PART WAYS.


  5. But Masiyiwa IS RIGHT,he speaks only to facts

    1. I used to be a big fan of Strive and Econet until recently he has been fingered in dirty deals involving the cartel. Strive Masiiwa is a businessman who knows on which side his bread is battered. He needs Zanu now more than ever as details of his shady business past begin to emerge. M soo disappointed in his statement that there have been real reforms in Zim, when the junta is killing, robbing, stealing and maiming. I pray that one day his children, wife and even his business comes in contact with the evil Zanu pf regime.

    2. Facts are stubborn

  6. Camilla Kasiyano


    1. His business is under threat. He is not as clean as you suppose. Watch this space. He needs ED to survive. He is part of the cartel.

  7. Proudly Zimbabwean

    Mr Masiiwa, thank you for enlightening us. Your opinion is important for some of us to give us the necessary hope. I agree sanctions are not necessary as they have failed to achieve any of their goals unless if it is to make the ordinary suffer.

  8. josphat mugadzaweta

    kkkk kane zvakakatoteya. these moneyed people are usually so greedy that they can stoop very low just to get what they want. pakaipa musharukwa!!!

  9. Shut up udye mari

  10. chokwadi chakareba nhema ipfupipfupi.kudos to mr masiyiwa .sanctions must go definitely.we are suffering people .

  11. Thank you sir. I wish and hope many Zimbabweans will change their attitude towards the new dispensation for without hard work and unity we will never realize our dreams.

    Hameno zvawo wanofarira kudira mavhu ivo vasati wapakura share yavo neye vana wavo. ISu chatiri kungoda kuita mari no matter who is in power.

    I can imagine Nero ari president kana Zanu ikada hayo kudira mavhu angaitonga here mfara ari kuchemera transition uyu. The reason why ari kuda transition its becoz he knows alone the can’t make it.

    Zimbabweans its up to us to keep wasting time nekuwawata zvatisingazoiti nguwa ichipera ma China vachiita mari muno.

  12. Strive masiyiwa has realised zanu pf is not going anywhere soon he misses home and he is now trying to join the devil so to save his interests Kwese and econet are his babies he is just a selfish bastard saving his own skin by endorsing ed let us boycott all his products

  13. tendai chaminuka

    Now that is the thinking of a Billionaire and he is absolutely right.Mnangagwa is creating a Capitalist economy saka anyone who owns a business is bound to support Mnangagwa.Mnangagwa is moving away from populist policies and that is the reason he is having difficult in convincing zanu p.f.The only problem is that he is doing it fast seJongwe.Our own Gorbachev.

  14. His business! ha ha ha

  15. Madhogodhogo Bikaz

    Masiiwa should know that if Mnangagwa is sincere in giving him space to expand his empire it does not mean that he is sincere to all Zimbabweans.A very good example is when he chartered a private plane for the former first lady Grace from Singapore when people back home were dying from a stone age disease called cholera.Ironically Strive Masiiwa’s Econet was at the same time donating funds towards the fighting cholera.A sincere president does not order the army to kill its citizens and foes on to appoint a commission of enquiry to investigate and in the process wasting resources which could have been used to help the citizens.A sincere president does not promote corruption by moving former corrupt and thieving cabinet ministers to shake shake building with all their ministerial salaries and perks when it is so evident that these former ministers are part of the rot that has brought the country’s economy to its knees.A sincere president orders the arrest of all known govt and party officials who continue to milk the country dry at the expense of the nation.When Mnangagwa got into power through a coup,the mantra was “we are targeting criminals surrounding the president” and almost a year down the line not even a single criminal has been convicted.To Strive and all other business people who may have been promised a bigger space to expand their business empires by Mnangagwa,please just shut the hell up, keep that to yourself and leave the poor majority to fight for their cause.You have nothing to fight for for because you are filthy rich and you dont give a damn about the suffering majority.

  16. Not not about sanctions at all, its all about style of governance.

  17. Thanks Masiyiwa for talking sense. No wonder why you are so successful. Sanctions hurt the common man. Unfortunately, like one of our local sages say, “Vana vembwa havavhuri meso on the same day”, for some it will take more time for them to realise and understand what these sanctions are really doing to the economy, region and the Global village. Those who called for them are still stuck in their darkened corner to see that sanctions are a very primitive method of punishment which are as good as chopping the very same branch you are sitting on. Sanctions equal witchcraft and those who support them are just witches and wizards practising in broad daylight

  18. what is crippling our economy is not about sanctions but it is the bad culture of zanu pf which is cancerous to economic development. Yes sanctions could be there but with the resources that we have in this country, i personally believe that if they are transparently exploited Zimbabwe will never be the same again.There is no transparency and accountability as far as running the affairs of the government is concerned, we just need individuals who are ethical and committed to develop our country period.

  19. Madhogodhogo Bikaz

    Masiiwa,if Mnangagwa has promised you a space to expand your vast empire,please just shut the hell up and keep that yourself.Leave poor Zimbabweans to fight for their cause.When your company was donating funds to fight cholera,your sincere Mnangagwa was bust chartering an expensive plane for the former first lady who is so rich that she can actually buy her own plane and you call that sincerity?He went on to give the former corrupt and cabinet ministers the same benefits and perks that are given to sitting ministers and posted them to shake shake building where they will be just sitting ducks waiting for every opportunity to keep on looting state resources.When Mnangagwa got into power through a coup the mantra was”we are targeting criminals surrounding the president”but almost a year down the line not even a single criminal has been convicted.He doesnt have the guts to eradicate corruption on account he is also involved in it in one way or the other so spare us the agony of listening to your drivel bacause you all most of the filthy rich bastards have nothing to fight for other than expanding their empires.

  20. Masiyiwa is not nationalist sincere in expressing those sentiments. He is someone finding it getting really tough out there on the global arena and a man without influence not even in a small village like SADC as Zimbabweans shall be shocked to find out later. He is anxious that his lack of stamina in business as well as frontman status in the Econnet Empire is on course to being exposed and hence this desperate attempt to beg his way back to Zombabwe which he has been despising during his stay abroad and the only way to achieve that is by singing this eulogy to Mnangangwa. It’s all for his personal survival and not for any national cause.

    1. 10 million to him is pocket money. Just wondering whether the 10 million donation was in US dollars or bond notes

  21. Mukoma Strive tipeiwo ma serious akomana, hamunyare kutaura zvakadai kunge manga makarohwa ne scud?

  22. I’m sure that you are right when you say that Pres. Mnangagwa is now sincere, but he has too much ‘baggage’from the past and ZanuPF, which has not changed, won’t allow him room to manoeuvre.


    Not so sure if I still have the energy and zeal to keep this buddie line. This comes in as a shocker, more especially given the criminals who have since been entrusted with public offices. Joram Gumbo, Energy Mutodi…..ey. Give us a break. People are suffering out there…..

  24. Let those who want to advocate for the devil do it at their own risk ZanuPf and ED are devils and demons Strive dont ask the Americans to help you when you get possesed by the Junta ZanuPf wont fix nothing my advice to Strive is to take your money and run you are under threat Ecocash and Steward bank 2% tax per transcation, air time tax and 100million anual co-operate tax just jump ship and leave ED to his own demise

  25. Its so amazing how some people will always keep digging their heads into the sand when it comes to the issues that bedevil this country. Everyone who doesn’t agree together with them they slander and call them names. What Strive has said is true, give the current administration a chance to build the nation. Its only in Zimbabwe where i have seen a situation whereby when the opposition is beaten at elections they refuse to join hands with the victors and build the country. This shows that our opposition is politically immature which has cascaded down to their supporters.I wish we could all pull in one direction and build our country for the benefit of our children.

  26. Thieves robbed my place stole my staff worth US$2000 value that time Econet has not responded since march, other service providers its a phone call you get the current status of the item. Sunctions we are doomed

  27. Just imagining..???? if GOD’S government was like the US government… and GOD would impose sanctions & cut aid on sinners by just cutting supplies of rain, sunshine, air etc each time we sin…. Where would you Mr/Mrs reader be as at now???

    I Thank God because becoz HE IS GOD!!!.. His government is established on mercy to all, till they repent ( loving Matthew 5v45)……

    Im not supportinng corrupt people the same way i dont support sanctions

  28. Strive is lost now, ngaauye agare muno if ED is on the right track we have suffered
    for long time ZANU Pf should just step down they have failed we need to give chances to other parties ZANU PF is not the only part in Zim fair.

    1. @Vanganya When Pharoh refused to let go off Israelite out of Egypt GOD hit him with10 plagues so to me its the same down with the junta the junta must fall

  29. Its simple if u want pple to blve you Bring back econet global headquarters to Zimbabwe ..I guess not, cause you kuti vakomana avo ma1

  30. Comments by rich business people about politics are most unwelcome. It must be the poor and oppressed people’s comments which should matter.
    If things do not go well Strive will simply say, “I hold your hands up, I got it wrong”.
    The problems affecting the poor in Zimbabwe do not affect Strive in any way, shape or form.

  31. Sanctions are real. B4 elections Biti and Chamisa went to USA to have sanctions renewed and they were renewed. Now, because MDCA suffered a crashing defeat they always want to tarnish the image of whoever goes near HE ED. MDCA if you care for the poor, why cant you establish cheap shops, pharmacies, provide water to urban areas you won? Clever people now know you very well. HE ED have crafted economic policies MDCA would never do. We cant be told which product to and not to buy.

  32. @Musona, just like Willard Mubvumbi, you are an unrepentant and unashamed Rhodesian-era askari. Please mudhara, don’t give us your usual obnoxious crap …… shut the f*ck up!!! Wazwa?

    1. @Humpty – fool – where is the the obnoxious crap you Cretin.

  33. Progressive Zimbabwean

    Some Zimbabweans are a shame. Honestly if we are pro democracy and someone so influential and powerful speaks their mind on a subject should we demonise them. At some point he made a statement which was seemingly pro MDC and the very same people were on rooftops celebrating. Now the person confirms what we all know these people are dipping their heads deep down in the sand. They do not want to hear that which they have been told would bring their nemesis to their knees. Sanctions are real and no amount of propaganda will work to wash them away. They are hurting everyone MDC and Zanu PF. We need to call a spade a spade. Let us avoid this unnecessary hatred and work together to provide solutions to our country.

  34. It is true that sanctions are setting us back but there are some of the things we must with or without sanctions. Why do we have to import wheat in Zimbabwe yet we have the capacity to produce surpluses for other countries. We are loosing millions of dollars in importation of wheat and soya beans things we can do by our own here in Zimbabwe. Our fellow citizens were given land but nothing is being done on that land. The very land which used to produce is no longer productive at all and keep on blaming sanctions on every failure we encounter. Its a shame to say that bread and cooking oil are in short supply because of the the shortage of wheat and soya beans. Gentlemen our government tent to major on the minor. In steady of equipping the irrigation schemes , the government is busy buying very expensive trucks for chiefs and even buying trucks for campaigning. We do not have visionary leaders. I have just mentioned a small fraction of what should be put on priority.

  35. I thought zanu pf domestic sanctions have kept you for extended periods out of Zimbabwe Comrade Strive. If such sanctions can be visited on one succesful person like you ko anambwa like us?. What makes you think vanhu ava vachinja?

  36. Mr Strive needs to come home first and then give such a comment. He should not base it on speeches delivered on international conferences like UN. Come home and see it for yourself that Zimbabweans are being robber by those in power and nothing has really changed on the ground.
    He is forgetting how he struggled to get his license and ED was part of that system.

  37. huya ugare muno. wozotaura izvozvo

  38. Silver Samurungu

    Quite frankly, I am appalled that a self-made semi-billionaire like yourself, Mr Masiiwa, would go out of your way to curry favour with proven failed politicians like ED and his ZANU-PF mob! How did you, Strive, make your millions if Zimbabwe has been under sanctions for the past 20 years? Only the other day I bought Zimbabwean grown oranges at Lidl supermarket in the UK. There are many other examples. If it were not for aid from the UK, USA and other western democracies, where would our motherland be? Sanctions, what sanctions?
    The truth – we cannot pay our bills in spite of the diamond, platinum, gold and abundantly rich farmland at our disposal. Corruption!
    The truth – The so-called sanctions are targeted at corrupt ZANU-PF individuals and entitities.
    So, come clean, Strive. Be honest.

  39. Sanctions are targetted for Zimbabwe’s economy. What is the meaning of ZIDERA? Your councilors and Mayors are making people pay for none serving,no water and refuse collection is it not fraud? MDCA which boast on votes come from ZIDERA beatten zimbabweans? MDCA has now become giants, its in the bible, it is crop of people that has spoiled the youths that think elderly people are apes not knowing that God created a human being with His image, they are also sons of apes.

  40. Comment…they keep on dividing us because they are not themselves. The opposition in Zimbabwe is a foreign formed and funded. whatever they speak about is not their own mind. colonisation of our African countries has not ended yet the imperialists have changed tactics on how to influence change. first it was pioneer invasions of 1890. today, international laws do not support the kind of invasions that Africans were exposed to. in place of the said illegal invasions, the imperialists use divide and conquer tactics.

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