LATE FLASH … Former Zimra chief Pasi arrested

POLICE last night arrested former Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) commissioner-general Gershem Pasi over criminal abuse of office.


“I can confirm that Pasi has been arrested. He is likely to appear in court tomorrow (today). He is being charged with contravening section 174 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act as a public officer,” police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told NewsDay last night.

Pasi was suspended in April 2016 after allegations of corruption involving vehicle imports. He eventually quit the tax agency in May last year.


  1. Comment…Chawakadya chamuka. Matakadya kare hanyaradze mwana. He had his time but now its payback time. In gensis(old testament) God decided to destroy Soddom and Gommorah after seeing everbody as a sinner, In Zimbabwe, it seems every Zanu-pf bigwig will go to jail if justice prevails. Zvivi zvavo zvakodzera kuti titambure

  2. Pasi ne corruption! kkkkk

  3. Is there a single honest person in this government?

    1. I doubt that there is……..they have been well schooled by their leaders past and present.

  4. Haaa uyu haana wekuchemera uyu, mazvokuda mavanga enyora. He must carry his cross!!!!

  5. When are they going to arrest the newly re-appointed RBZ Govenor Mangudya for sabotaging the financial system of the country? Pasi’s crimes are child play compared to Mangudya and Gono.

  6. Chances are that the poor fellow was a G40 chap or was a known Mugabe admirer. No Lacoste will be arrested.

  7. Comment@sidney muronzi, Pasi is from Zvimba and chances are that he is Gushungo…

  8. it seems like CORRUPTION is a Zimbabwean business ethic,,,everyday corruption, aaah!!!!

  9. it seems like CORRUPTION has been a Zimbabwean business ethic,,,lol

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