I’m coming after you: ED warns cartels

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday vowed to clamp down on cartels involved in various corrupt activities such as fraud, money-laundering, insider trading and manipulation of government procurement tenders, saying these “saboteurs” were behind the country’s current economic meltdown.


Speaking at an annual public sector audit conference and financial management awards ceremony in Harare, Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe had lost millions of dollars to such economic ills and he would not allow cartels to continue sabotaging the economy under his watch.

“It is presently disheartening that the country continues to lose huge sums of money due to fraud, money-laundering, procurement or tender manipulation, insider trading in stock and financial markets, among other ills in both the private and public sectors,” he said.

“In the Second Republic, we will not tolerate the culture of siphoning public funds
through various nefarious activities for personal gain and enrichment. Such propensities are both criminal and retrogressive.”

His statement came as several high-profile arrests have been made in the past few weeks, with the latest being of former Information Communication Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira and ex-Zimbabwe Revenue Authority commissioner-general Gershem Pasi on allegations of corruption and criminal abuse
of office.

Acting Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi recently said his team would also be bringing 27 high-profile cases of corruption for prosecution before the courts as government’s anti-corruption crusade deepens.

Mnangagwa also warned he would soon be dealing with tax evaders and non-performing public enterprises to ensure the economy recovers after years of plunder and gross mismanagement.

“Non-performing public enterprises coupled with tax payment evasion and avoidance continues to be an albatross around the neck of government. As we strive to eliminate corruption by 2030, let us in our respective entities always act in the best interest of our country. Auditors are critical in the detection, prevention and exposure of fraud, economic crimes and sabotage,” he said.

Turning to the 2% transaction tax introduced on all electronic money transfers last month, Mnangagwa said it had helped his government reduce the budget deficit and would not be repealed soon.

“The tax is not a hindrance in the ease of doing business. It has helped us reduce the budget deficit. But when the (Finance) minister (Mthuli Ncube) first announced it, it had overlooked a lot of people who, in our view, ought to have been left out,” he said.

“I think he did his best to re-explain it and move out of compliance many categories whom we think will cause a prohibitive manner in doing business.”

Mnangagwa told the conference that the 2% tax would be further strengthened during the 2019 national budget presentation by Ncube on November 22.

“We have our case that we have put a tax, come and argue that this tax is not good, this is democracy,” Mnangagwa said.

“If you succeed, the best argument will win, but for now, the tax is there, and the Minister of Finance will be making a statement very soon. I can safely say he will also look at that in order to improve. I don’t know whether what he will say will improve your position or will improve mine.”

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  1. ….eliminate corruption by 2030…Seriously! So 12 more years chaps.

  2. This guy’s words somehow ring hollow & just don’t inspire any confidence or hope in the future at all

    1. Its a hard sell Mr President.Let us start by targeting those criminals surrounding you.

  3. Who’s he fooling?

  4. Comment…fuck off ibva pachigaro apo

  5. Tiriparumananzombe N zanu pf

    Uyu murume anongovukura achingovukura,no action.Akatoona kuti kune mamwe mafuza ari kutokuza kuvukura ikoko, vachingoti give ED achance.With Ediots who support such a clueless and brainless leader we are doomed as a nation.

  6. all talk no action

  7. Who on earth came up with a target of eliminating corruption by 2030? Will many of us even still be alive? What is ED smoking?

  8. So one wonders where do sanctions come in. People have been stealing and are continuing stealing and blames our beautiful party of excellence.

    1. its not sanctions that has contributed to this economic malaise its corruption period

  9. Comment…
    this has happened pane vaka externaliser foreign currency, mukati heeee will shame them, what happened kwakuburitsa maChina as if muZim hamuna vaiita such deals.Zim are not as pure as you want us believe. President handuchatendi zvamunotaura.

  10. Makamboti externalisers will be named and shamed mdara, mukazotiitira list remacompany ekuMabre uko. Please sit down!!!!

  11. this guy seems to be clueless and i really don’t see him as leader or rather with solutions to solve our problems, toothless dogs

  12. We appreciate all the effort to fight against corruption but pakutongwa hapana chirikuitwa . surely how can a person given 2000 RTG transfer bail against millions of dollars crime kkkkkkk. Are we serious. Look at China as a case study on corruption

  13. He must throw in the scarf and let the country go forward. The incumbent is not fit to be a leader. He is weak, useless and myopic. ZIM IS CURSED TO HAVE SUCH LEADERS SINCE 1980.

  14. how can he come after himself?

  15. hatitange newe extended dambudziko

  16. In boxing, when a pugilist, gets a thorough hiding, his corner will throw in the towel. You have failed as a leader and you should throw in your scarf. Since 1980, we have been ruled by a useless leader, and the successor is worse than the predecessor. COME OUT AND TELL THE NATION THAT YOU HAVE FAILED. INITIALLY, YOU THOUGHT ITS EASY AS CUTTING BUTTER WITH A HOT KNIFE TO RULE AND HAD THE TEMERITY AND AUDACITY TO RIG, SHAME.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky haaa and I feel very happy to know that there are fools who do not possess even a herd boy qualification being pained by ED. KKkkkkkkkkkkkkk I told you fools that the pains shall take you to your graves. Especially this idiot calling himself NACIDO RICO. I like the way you all bark, and wish you were my farm guards because I was going to be 100% sure of my belongings security. Rasayi nguvo tsvuku dze ngozi idzo munopfeka idzo then you can start to see the light shinning out here. KuZANU PF kune vanhu not moving graves.

      1. @shunguhadziurayi, you need to say something to respond to Nacido and not just insult somebody who you don’t even know. That way you earn respect.

  17. Comment…you are part of cartel Ed shut tha fuck up

  18. Here he goes again. Just talking and nothing will happen. We now know that.

  19. Ed pfeeee. Gejo ririkudzikiswa zvishoma nezvishoma. This same publication today has a story about 4 cotco managers who have been nabbed by the anti curruption commission for corruption and are said to have some big wigs behind them. Kana zviri izvo vachareurura kuti ndivanani. Gore rino tinonzwirira. Ed does not mean to joke because it is his position that will also be at stake. Kana unehama yepedyo iri muhurunende ichiri kuita huori dai watoyambira zvako ndapota. Most of you will soon be calling president Mnangagwa a tyrant and a dictator. Watch this space!!

  20. How can the ZACC be run by a convicted fraudster this says it all

  21. Why Kapfupi cant take over this job?

  22. Here we go again ….the same empty rhetoric that has been spewed out for the past year.Why do we have to be subjected to these insulting promises repeatedly ? He must show some resolve and get the job done. The whole world is also waiting for the President achieve something positive …..we are all losing faith rapidly.

  23. Do not forget that Ed is a law professinal and wants to make sure he first has a piece of legislation in place which will make whatever he will do legal. There is a need to strike a balance between fighting corruption and the need to avoid doing things out of the law, a move that will obviously frighten investors. Zimbabwe is now open for business by the way.

  24. zimbabwe is cursed to have a leader like ED how can he turn against himself? whatever is happening in this country was created by ZANU PF long back ago including these cartels. that is why none is imprisoned from zanu pf they just get arrested and pay bailout and its over. deal done you never heard about them again. how can a nation with well educated people on earth and with all the most precious minerals found itself in such economic hardships?

  25. The country belongs to us all and so is our national president who remains tireless in inviting everyones better advice. Corruption is serious national challenge which cannot practically be tackled by immediately getting rid of all corrupt civil servants. I think we are fast approaching juncture for necessary voice of qualified NATION BUILDERS, ONLY. Nation is in dire need for more creative and more analytical solutions.

  26. Less talk, more action please. Please decapitate all the heads of this corruption serpent that has stifled development in Zimbabwe. All the heads must roll regardless of connections. Matter of fact, the connections must roll too!

  27. ” As we strive to eliminate corruption by 2030, let us in our respective entities always act in the best interest of our country.” This quote in the article I AM COMING FOR YOU is attributed to the President of Zimbabwe, ED Mnangagwa. With due respect, corruption must be eradicated immediately! Why do we need 12 years to deal with corruption? This statement smacks of lack of resolve to deal with corruption! Should we surmise that the Queen Bees are well connected at the top echelons of power and therefore there’s hesitation to deal with them now?

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